BLOGTOBER: A Relaxing Autumn Activity

I've recently got back into colouring and I found this one at volunteering UNUSED! even if some were used then I'd have probably still bought it.  Anyway it has some really nice pictures to colour in and I can't wait to get started!.
I love the bright cover it's very colourful which made me want to buy it!. You can still get this on Amazon for £9.99 if you're looking for a colouring book or you can get them from the works there's loads of different ones. I also got a nature one from Wilko which is good it has some nice pictures in to colour. Colouring is a good way to relax as it takes your mind off things it's been helping me as I have a lot of things happening lately. I enjoy getting cosy under a blanket and colouring for a little while.