How I Organise/Motivate Myself

I'm currently unemployed and I have a lot spare time to fill so I thought I'd share how I plan/organise/motivate myself.

I always make my bed in the mornings I feel better for it and it looks clean and tidy. For my to do list I use either the notes app on my phone or a good old notebook! which I have many of or I use the reminder app a lot!. I like to keep busy and productive in my days as I have a lot of spare time I try to spread things out for the week.

Job Hunting

I job hunt everyday! I try to do it in the mornings so it's done but there isn't a lot to apply for at the moment. I do sometimes look in the afternoons as well just incase something new has been added.

I volunteer 2 days a week in a charity shop on Monday and Friday mornings which gets me out the house for a few hours and to find bargains!.I then have the afternoon to get other things done such as job searching, blog planning etc.

I try to blog as and when I have content ideas as it shows if you're just blogging for the sake of it I do make a list of ideas which helps keep me on track!. I don't have a schedule for posts and never have because I don't think they work for me things can change and people might expect content but be let down when there isn't any and I wouldn't want to do that.

Thanks for reading.