5 Ways To De-clutter

I decided to write a post on de-cluttering as I'm into organising and de-cluttering my things so I thought I'd share my tips and advice.

1.Go Through Draft Blog Posts/Emails
If like me you start draft blog posts and then forget about them now is the time to go through them and either finish them or delete them. You can always start again if you still plan to write that specific post. I don't get a lot of emails but if you do then it's always good to go through them and delete the spam etc.

2.Sort Your Makeup
As a fellow beauty blogger I have a lot of makeup (well maybe not a huge amount because I've never been sent any) I still buy a lot #sorrynotsorry. I go through my makeup regularly to make sure nothing is off or if some of it's old I throw it away. Also sort out your brushes as they get dirty and used a lot so it's good to either clean them if they're ok or throw them away.

3.Give Items To Charity 
It's good to go through your wardrobe and see what you've got, so start by getting everything out then try it on,if still fits and you like it keep it and if you don't like it/doesn't fit then donate it to charity. Also go through your books/DVDs and either donate them or give them to a friend.

4.Delete Apps Of Your Ipad/Phone
this one might seem silly but I bet there's a few apps you've downloaded but don't use anymore or never used. So now is a good time to go through your phone/ipad if you own one and delete these apps that take up space.

If you're one of these people that keeps old magazines (I used to not so much now) anyway it might a good idea to go through them. If there's any articles that you want then cut them out and put on a noticeboard or in a scrapbook. Donate the ones you've not cut up to charity and recycle the ones you have cut.

Thanks for reading.