Olivia Hale Primer Review

I found this primer in home bargains for 99p yes that's right! my sister uses it and I recently went there and they had one left. I normally use the Rimmel fix and perfect primer with the blue lid it's £6.99 which is a lot for a primer. I've tried others in the past as well such as wilko and natural collection but I didn't like the feel of them.

 It comes out clear which is ok, a little goes a long way and it does go on well you can't see where you've put it but most primers are either white or clear. There's not much information on the tube or the packaging it came in which I find a bit annoying as sometimes it's good to know certain things such as the ingredients.

I didn't really like the feel of it when I put it on but it did feel alright with foundation on. It lasted all day but like I said I didn't like the feel of it much. I know sometimes cheaper makeup can be good but not always like I've discovered here! Don't get me wrong I do like trying new cosmetics and it was only 99p so it's not going to break the bank but I just won't buy it again.

Thanks for reading.