Life Update

It's been a while since I posted a life update so I thought it was about time I updated you on what's been happening and my general thoughts.

Job Hunting
I'm still looking for a job but I recently had an interview that I wasn't organised for it at all! but I'm putting it down to trail and error and I will do better next time!.I'm still unsure as to what I want to do but I'm not worrying about too much. I'm still at volunteering for the time being until I either leave or get a job.

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack 
I'm still very much obsessed with this soundtrack ever since I saw the film it's the best soundtrack I've downloaded!. If you haven't seen the film go see it and then buy the album!.I never knew that Hugh Jackman was a singer either!.

My blog is doing well and I reached 41,000 all time views! I don't get a lot of comments or followers but I'm trying to remind myself it's not about numbers as such and that I enjoy sharing my posts.I do have a few goals I want to reach one is 100 likes on my Facebook page which I post regularly on and I'd really like it if you gave it a like I'll link it below. I also want to reach 400 instagram followers but instagram is very crap lately but I hope it picks up again because right now it's garbage!.

Facebook Page


Thanks for reading.