12 Ways To Save Money

I'm quite good at saving money, you're probably thinking a 20 something saving money?!? don't get me wrong I do spend money on makeup,clothes,shoes etc but I know how hard it is for young people to save up. Today I'm sharing 12 ways to save money I hope this post helps you and feel free to share it if you know someone who might need it.

1. Start a money tin for any loose change you have it'll soon add up.

2.Only buy things you actually need such as if you run out of a certain skincare or makeup product then only buy that!.

3.Look in charity shops I know they aren't for everyone but you really do find some good things I've been volunteering for the past 7 years and I've found some great things.

4.Try not to go out for meals,drinks etc as much unless it's a special occasion then maybe put some cash away for that. If it's a friends birthday you could always make a gift such as a little pamper basket.

5.Cancel any subscriptions such beauty boxes,magazines,cinema card etc you've got that you don't like anymore the extra cash will definitely help. You can always rejoin later on.

6.Depending on what you're saving for try and put some cash away each month instead of buying a pointless coffee on the way to work or your lunch.

7.Take your own lunch to work! make it the night before and leave a note to get it out the fridge in the morning.

8.Go through your clothes and have a clothes swap party with your friends/family.

9.Check your bills and see if you're paying too much and see if you can get them cheaper.

10.Sell some of your old things on Ebay or any of these other selling sites to help your funds grow.

11.Have friends over instead of going out,make some food such as chilli or pizza and watch a film.

12.When you go food shopping try and only buy what you need and not any extras!.

I hope this post helps and thanks for reading.