What I've Achieved

I wasn't feeling great last week because I was worrying I was behind on life with achieving certain things such as finding a better job. I then saw a quote on twitter about remembering what you've achieved so I thought I'd write a post on it. I hope this helps others who are feeling blah about things.

I do struggle with things sometimes such as asking for help and I did have a hard time at school it wasn't good. Though I think since college, having a couple of Xmas jobs and volunteering and being at B&M has made a difference. While I might not be where I want to be things aren't bad and I know they will get better soon.

'Struggling to feel like you're not successful enough? pause and reflect on everything you've achieved so far. Be proud of yourself' -Quote by A branch of Holly saw on twitter.

1.Volunteering for 7 years has helped me gain confidence, meet new people and become less shy. I am glad I started because I do wonder where I'd be if I hadn't. It's made a huge difference to me and I am grateful for the opportunity.

2.Being kept on at B&M after my time with Shaw trust ended I was there from February-August I then started properly with B&M from September. I was on weekends which wasn't my plan and only 8 hours so not the best but I did it. I am glad I got kept on at the time because I was getting good feedback from them.

3.Reaching 37,000 blog views! nearly at my goal! I really can't believe I've got so many! thank you so much if you're a reader, have been here from the start or are new. I really do appreciate it and I am forever grateful, while I don't get a lot of comments or have a huge following I'm still proud of my blog.

4.Writing for the Fragile X newsletter about my experiences and struggles which has helped others like me I was so glad to be able to write for them. It was a great opportunity for me to be able to write an article I'm so proud that I was given a chance to share my experiences.

Thanks for reading.