Life Update

I haven't done a life update for a little while but I thought I would sit down and write one today about what's going on, job hunting and how I feel.

I'm feeling ok right now but I am a bit down about my job but I guess it's good that I still have a job but it's also not enough hours and it's weekends which sucks :( I'm looking for another job but it's just as hard when you have one, I still don't really know what I want to do.

I have in my mind that I want a job within walking distance and Monday to Friday that's probably impossible! but here's hoping!. I'm doing a lot of job hunting and hoping something comes along soon because I can't work 2 days a week it's so stupid. I wish I got told this before I started or got told I was being kept on. I had to find out for myself and I felt let down by shaw trust (I still do now) I'm not even sure if I'm still getting support from them now?. No one communicates with me and it's so frustrating having to find things out for myself.

Another thing about working weekends is I can't plan ANYTHING on those 2 days because of work I have a date I can't do but I can't have it urghhh I hate working just weekends I don't understand why I can't have days in the week instead. They've now taken on xmas staff but I could've had some of those hours oh well fingers crossed something better comes along.

I'm still volunteering but to be honest it's not the same anymore and I'm getting bored :/ I like the people I work with but it's changed a lot. I don't really buy anything anymore either because people aren't donating anything good. So many people have gone, new ones are there (which is good!) I like meeting new people but it has changed.

I know things aren't all bad right now but I do hope a better job comes along soon.

Thanks for reading.