Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Autumn Essentials

Now that it's September that means one thing autumn! I don't really have a favourite season but I do like autumn for cosy days and hot chocolate. It's also the time I get to wear my all time favourite fox dress I got a couple of years ago and it means boot weather too!. Today's post is my essentials for autumn, what are yours? leave a comment below I always reply.

Cosy grey slippers to keep my feet warm these ones are from Primark of course! and only £4.
Perfect for movie days and cosy nights.

Everyone knows I'm a huge Lush fan so it's only right to include one in this post.
This one is an all time favourite the rosejam bubble roon. There's nothing nicer than a relaxing Lush bath.

Gel nails I love getting autumn colours now. I love burnt orange, mustard, dark green and burgundy.
Homemade soup need I say more?!? This one is butternut squash. 
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Sunday, 3 September 2017

Simple Ways To Get Organised

I thought I'd share a different post today on ways to get organised. We all accumulate loads of things and 9 times out of 10 nothing has a proper home. I love organising my things I always feel better for having a sort out.

Storage Baskets
Buy some storage baskets or boxes if you prefer which can be used for your makeup, skincare, paperwork or any other items you wish. My basket came from Homesense this metal one was £2.99. You can get baskets at any cheap stores such as home bargains or Poundland.As you can see I use this one for my makeup but it's not so good for brushes! hopefully one day when I get my own room I will have better storage. You can buy baskets in whatever size you need as it depends where you're storing them. Here are some examples under your bed, in your dressing table drawers/on your dressing table/bookshelf. I think putting things in baskets/boxes help keep your room/house/flat tidier.

Get Matching Coat Hangers In Your Wardrobe.
This is a good time to have a sort out of your clothes because we all have items we don't wear anymore. Also it's good to donate to charity win!.I use these black velvet hangers for most of my clothes and the things that don't go on them I use wooden ones. You can get the velvet hangers from Primark,home bargains etc they come in other colours too such as pink. I like having everything roughly matching and I also organise my clothes categories such as jumpers,dresses etc.

Plan Your Week/Write Lists.
I own many many notebooks I've not even used yet just because I like them! and have no idea what to use them for! anyone else do that? I find writing lists helps me to know what I'm doing for the day/week.It's also a good idea to have a diary ( I know most people use their phone I do too but I like a paper one!) to know roughly what you're doing and if something else comes up you can fit it in.

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