Thursday, 20 July 2017

Why It's Ok To Have Off Days

We all have those down days where we lose motivation and just don't feel like ourselves whether it's school, college, job or general life issues we sometimes feel overwhelmed with it all.

We need a break to re charge and to feel better and motivated again it's not good to get stressed out over things that probably aren't worth getting stressed over but we all do it!.

So today on my blog I'm sharing why it's ok to have off days and how to pick yourself up again.

1.Don't beat yourself up if you haven't blogged in a few days /or done what's on your to do list it's ok to take a break.

2.It's ok to have make up free days/not wash your hair.

3.If you feel like staying in bed eating chocolate then do it!.

4.Read a book and snuggle with a blanket.

5.Go for a long bubble bath, relax and unwind no phones etc.

6.Try and go to bed early to get a good night's sleep.

7.Have a pamper session with a face mask,nail varnish,lush bath bomb or bubble bar.

8.Go for a walk, get some fresh air and just take your time with what you see.

9.Make a positive playlist of feel good songs.

10.If it helps talk to someone about things (preferably someone you trust) no matter how big or small.

I hope you like this post and don't forget to leave a comment I always reply.

Thanks for reading.

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