Sunday, 16 July 2017

Things Aren't All Bad

We all have down days and sometimes feel like giving up but sometimes we need to realise that things aren't actually all bad. I don't have many down days and when I do it's normally when I have my period. If I am having a down day when it's not mother nature I try to just focus on the positive things and not dwell on the negatives or the things I can't change.

1.I have a job I'm earning money and meeting new people which is good and who knows it might turn into a permeant job.

2.Chocolate coconut chips are life it was YouTuber/blogger Brogan Tate who got me into them!.

3.I joined Apple Music for 3 months (free) and I'm enjoying listening to old school songs.

4.I bought 2 cute little flamingo and pineapple lights from Primark.

5.Watching crime/prison documentries (I know some aren't nice but they're interesting) plus they're much better than the shows on at the moment!.

6.Going to Edinburgh last month and visiting the castle.

7.Gaining more confidence by having a job at B&M.

8.Buying Benefit make up for the first time!.

9.Currently addicted to chewits #soznotsoz


I've finally got this written and published no idea why it took me so blooming long but here we are!.

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Thanks for reading.

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