Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blogging Goals

We all have goals in life that we want to reach and when I began my blog back in 2014 I wasn't really sure where I wanted my blog to go. I didn't know whether I'd get views ,followers, comments but I am currently on 44,000 views which is just amazing! I'm glad I made a blog because I like sharing my reviews, life updates, advice and Fragile x.

Reach 50,000 blog views.

Gain more blog/twitter/Instagram followers.

Go to blog events.

Make some blogging friends.

Grow my blog into something.

Work with brands.

Make money (not sure how that works but maybe one day I will )

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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Suffering With Travel Sickness



I wasn't going to share a post on this but I thought I would to see if anyone else relates to me, so like I said above please don't read this if you have a phobia of sick.

For as long as I can remember I've always suffered with travel sickness and so I don't really go away much because of it. I remember one time we were going away and we'd only gone up the road and I was sick!, I do take travel pills and I think they work more or less every time I take them but they do make your mouth dry. I'm ok if I take pills, I'm looking forwards and can see out the window

I start to feel funny if I'm in a car in the back going round country lanes and I cant look down either, I'm also terrible on a boat/ferry, coach and if I'm on a train backwards (like recently when I went to Edinburgh). I can't tell you if I get sick on a plane because I've never been on one but to be honest I don't think I'd like it. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to be sick and then I'm not or I am, I feel overheated and my head feels funny.

I don't like being sick its horrible and I feel embarrassed if I'm on public transport and people are watching/looking/making judgement (I bet they do) I wish I didn't get it so I could travel more but unfortunately I can't. I do take pills the night before if I'm going on a long trip or I take them when I wake up and hope they work.

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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Fragile X Research Trip To Edinburgh Scotland

As many people know I have Fragile X a learning disability you can read more here and so when my mum got a letter through about volunteering for research in Edinburgh I thought it would be good to go to possibly help others. We booked our trains and a hotel to Scotland I also wanted to go away somewhere as I don't really go anywhere because I get travel sick :(

Day One Travelling Tuesday 6th June 2017
Me and my mum travelled from Braintree to London Liverpool Street, then we caught the tube to Euston to then get a train to Crewe and then onto Edinburgh. The journey going wasn't good at all because our train seats were backwards not good when you suffer from travel sickness :(. When we got to Crewe and got off the train in the fresh air I felt a bit better but it still wasn't nice.  We arrived at Edinburgh at about 4:30pm after a 7 hour journey. The hotel we stayed in was called Motel One and was right opposite the station and was a nice room especially the shower!. We went out to Pizza hut for dinner which was good.

Day Two Wednesday 7th June 2017
This day was the research day which was a taxi ride away at the Patrick wild centre, the scan was at a different hospital. I was really nervous and anxious about it but I thought I'd be ok after having a practise one and talking through what will happen. First I answered some questions and did some word/picture tasks some were easy and some were hard but it went okay. Then we went over to the other place for the scan I was given ear plugs, headphones and some padding around my had, then there was a thing that goes over the face and then some binoculars which shows pictures and I had to press a button. When I first went in the scanner I really panicked and had a button to press because I wanted to get out. I felt claustrophobic,my heart was racing and my hands were sweaty and I felt scared. I then got the option to have the scan without the thing over my face but I still felt panicky and anxious, I got upset a few times during this and afterwards when I'd decided I didn't want it done after all I felt like I'd let people down and just felt over whelmed. After we had been there we went onto visit the castle which was good and the weather was good! (the best day) the castle was interesting my favourite part was the prisons (I've watched a lot of docs!). We then went back to our hotel and then went out to look for somewhere for dinner and ended up in the filling station which was really nice!.

Day Three Thursday 8th June 2017
It rained for most of the day! oh bother anyway we went shopping, looked around a money museum and had a little bite to eat in patisserie Valerie. I bought 2 Cath Kidston bags (I'd never been in there before!) one was from the Disney 101 Dalmatian collection and the other was a blue bag with ducks on and I also got a purse/little bag these ones were in the sale. In the evening we went to Prezzo for dinner which was nice.

Day Four Friday 9th June 2017
Going home day :( our first train of the day was at 10am so we had to be up and ready, we had breakfast in this little cheap café around the corner it was ok but there was water on the floor and the delivery was everywhere so not really ideal but ah well. The train journey home was much better because we had face forwarding seats I listened to my music and just looked out the window so I didn't feel funny. I also napped a lot! well it was a 10 hour journey home. We got to Peterborough and had a few hours wait for the next train to Ipswich, then we got to Witham and then had to wait again for the train to Braintree and then we got a taxi back home at 9pm! such a long day!.

I had a good time despite the weather but that's Scotland for you! I would go back again and possibly take part in other Fragile X research should they do any.

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