Monday, 3 April 2017


It's been such a long time since I've blogged so I thought I'd better try and get something out because I do miss it and I feel like I'm letting my readers down (if you're a valid reader).Anyway here's 30 ways to staying positive.

1.Write down all the good things in your life and look at it everyday.

2.Talk to family, friends etc someone you trust if you're feeling down about anything. It helps to talk and you'll feel loads better.

3.Get outside go for a walk, take pictures and enjoy taking time out.

4.Hang out with your pet cat, dog etc pets are guaranteed to make you feel happy!.

5. Take some time out-run a bath, read, do some exercise.

6.Watch your fave TV series.

7.Find a new hobby such as blogging, drawing, knitting.

8.Make a playlist of feel good songs on Spotify/your phone/iTunes etc and listen to it everyday.

9.Get up, eat a good breakfast, get ready for the day and write a to do list and you'll feel much better.

10.Watch your fave YouTubers mine are Brogan Tate, Charlotte Taylor ,Rebecca Lamb, Ellis Mrs smith and co.

11.Get off social media (I know easier said than done) but most of what you see on Instagram/twitter/Facebook isn't true and most peoples lives aren't like that.

12.Organise your clothes, make up, shoes etc.

13.Tidy your room-hoover, dust etc.

14.Bake something such as cookies, cupcakes or brownies.

15.Find some positive quotes and make a mood board.

16.Have a pamper-face mask, paint your nails, use a hair mask.

17.Unfollow all negative social media accounts.

18.Make your fave meal.



21.Buy some flowers.

22.Change your bed.

23.Donate unwanted things to charity.

24.Give yourself a make over.

25.Believe that things will be ok.

26.Spend time with family/friends.

27.Go out for lunch/dinner.

28.Change your room around (if you're allowed!)

29.Treat yourself!.

30.Never give up on yourself, keep going and believe in yourself.

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I will try and get back into posting more often.

Thanks for reading.


  1. I loved this post. It's always great to share ways of being positive!

    Eleanor ||

  2. Thankyou for reading :) glad you liked it