Thursday, 23 March 2017


I'm sure you've all been wondering why there's been lack of posts? etc well keep reading I'm about to tell you!

Where Have I Been?
Well as you know I have a temp job in B&M which is only 4 days and on Mondays I go to volunteering. But I've not really been doing a lot else to be honest other than this and looking for other work. I just haven't had any ideas to post and haven't felt like myself. I'm glad to be earning some money for now and meeting new people as well which is good.

Lack Of Blog Posts.
The reason for there not being any blog posts lately is because I haven't got any ideas/inspiration,also I've been feeling lost with life and worrying about what kind of job/career I want to do.I sometimes feel behind on things and feel like I should have things figured out. I will be posting more blog posts soon when I find ideas, but I don't want to post just for the sake of it but I thought I'd better post this one so you know I'm still here!.

Anyway thanks for reading and I'll be back very soon with some new posts.

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