Thursday, 23 March 2017


I'm sure you've all been wondering why there's been lack of posts? etc well keep reading I'm about to tell you!

Where Have I Been?
Well as you know I have a temp job in B&M which is only 4 days and on Mondays I go to volunteering. But I've not really been doing a lot else to be honest other than this and looking for other work. I just haven't had any ideas to post and haven't felt like myself. I'm glad to be earning some money for now and meeting new people as well which is good.

Lack Of Blog Posts.
The reason for there not being any blog posts lately is because I haven't got any ideas/inspiration,also I've been feeling lost with life and worrying about what kind of job/career I want to do.I sometimes feel behind on things and feel like I should have things figured out. I will be posting more blog posts soon when I find ideas, but I don't want to post just for the sake of it but I thought I'd better post this one so you know I'm still here!.

Anyway thanks for reading and I'll be back very soon with some new posts.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Life Update

So what's been going on? well I'm currently in B&M which is temp (wooo another temp job lol) but I don't want to there forever, though it could turn into a proper job which I'd take but still look for other jobs. Right now I'm just feeling stuck at the moment with knowing what I really want to do I've made notes on things but I've still not got anywhere. It just worries me that I'll be stuck somewhere I don't want to be.

I've so far only ever had 4 temp jobs including B&M and my last one as a marketing assistant lasted only 2 weeks but I hated it so I was secretly glad I left. I don't think it's fair that I've only ever had temp jobs I wish I could get a permanent one and settle in somewhere not have to be on edge.

I would like my blog to turn into something but at the moment it's a hobby, I have written articles in the Fragile X newsletter which is something am proud of and possibly would like to get into writing. If you saw my last post on why I blog then you'd know I make nothing from it but if I could turn it into something then that would be great. I'd possibly like to do something along the lines of marketing or social media but a subject I enjoy not like my last role.

I guess it would be an advantage if I drove so I'd have to more job opportunities and be able to do more things. I do think about learning but I'm not sure if I'd like it or if it would be harder because I have Fragile X. Maybe one day I'll learn to drive and then we'll see what opportunities it brings but for now I'm going to carry on looking for other work.

Thanks for reading

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Why I Made A Blog

I made my blog in 2013 but only really got into it in 2014 to make me less bored of being unemployed. My other reason was because I'd found other blogs at the time Zoella and Sprinkle of glitter and thought I'd give it ago. (I'm not a Zoella fan anymore). I then found others who I can relate to more such as Brogan Tate and Alice Spake.

As I said up there ^ I made my blog to keep me busy while looking for a job and I'm glad I made one it's one of my favourite hobbies. I enjoy sharing my reviews, lifestyle posts, Fragile x and advice posts.

I get my inspiration/motivation from other bloggers such as Brogan Tate, Grace Victory and Alice Spake I always feel more motivated to get things done and be successful in life which I am aiming for. Brogan also makes weekly vlogs on YouTube and she inspired me to make my own but I haven't because I'm too much of a woss.

I don't make money from my blog 1. I don't know how and 2. it would be to complicated as I'm on universal credit so I'm not sure how that would work and 3. It's still really just a hobby and I don't think I'd want to do it as a job right now. I'm pretty happy with it right now as I have managed to make improvements. I recently added a navigation bar took me so long to figure that out! I've also added my social media platforms which I'm happy about.

I sometimes wish I had more followers but I try not to let it get to me because numbers are just numbers and aren't relatively important. I enjoy writing about things regardless of how many followers/comments I get.

Since blogging I've started writing about more important subjects such as periods and relationships as these rarely get talked about. I think it's good to share my experiences and I hope that others relate too. Also writing about Fragile X ( my disability) has helped so many people as they can relate and I really like that I'm not alone.

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I hope you liked this post.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

Let's Chat About: Confidence

I've always lacked confidence, I don't crave to be the most confident person in the world but sometimes it would be nice to have more. I have gained some over the years from volunteering and other retail jobs.So I thought I'd share how I got through life and give you some tips.

I was very shy and quiet at school I didn't have a lot of friends and lacked confidence so I was left out of things. I didn't want to be the most confident but I guess I wanted to fit it and have friends but it wasn't easy. College was a bit better the last course I did was a computer one and I made friends on that (they aren't my friends now). There was one person I clicked with but we aren't friends anymore we had a laugh together but she deleted me off social media and that was that.

I gained confidence from working at M&S at Christmas in 2015 I was mostly working on the tills and doing shelf filling. I did talk to the customers more and I also helped them if they couldn't find anything. I did enjoy it but not so much where it was (Chelmsford) and also I'm not keen on Christmas jobs. I am now at B&M through Shaw trust (don't ask I don't get it either) but it's money and experience. I have gained so much more confidence since being there and I am talking to more people and making friends .I didn't really gain any confidence at my last job as a marketing assistant at a probate company I felt a lot more pressured and overall it was very difficult. I did quite like the idea of Monday to Friday so maybe I'll look for a role that does that but at the moment I'm unsure of what I want to do.

Way back in 2010 I started volunteering at Each which was pretty scary for me as this was something I'd never thought about doing until mencap suggested it. I was nervous and worried about it, at times I felt like giving up but I didn't and I'm glad!. I do wonder where I'd be if I hadn't of taken it up. I was very quiet, shy and reserved at first and didn't say a lot, but as time went on I came out my shell and now I'm a cheeky bugger and never shut up!. It's made a huge difference to me and I can't believe I'm still there 7 years later!.

Fragile X
I think having Fragile x makes things harder as well but I do believe I've over come most things since school I definitely feel more confident in myself now than I did. I do get those days when I don't feel very confident but most of the time I'm ok. I guess having support helps a lot too and people around me who believe in me I am grateful to everyone who has supported me and still does!.

My Top 10 Tips On Gaining Confidence

1.Be yourself!

2.It takes time to gain confidence so don't beat yourself up if things don't go right.

3.If you're unsure of something at work, school, college etc then ask I know it's hard I've been there but it will help you in the long run and the more you do it, it will come naturally.

4.Take up volunteering it really does help to meet people and talk to them. This has made a huge difference to me I'm glad I started way back in 2010 I was 20 :O haha gone so quick.

5.Surround yourself with positive people.

6.Put on your make up and best outfit (this does help honest!)

7.If you get an opportunity take it! such as a new job even if you're not very confident at first it will soon get easier and you'll be a whizz!. Since I was at M&S and now I'm at B&M I've definitely gained a lot more confidence in myself.


9.Make a confidence playlist on Spotify and have a good old sing!.

10. Don't let anyone bring you down just keep doing you.

Thanks for reading.

I hope this post has helped you in some ways.

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