Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Life Update

Hey everyone I'm back! my laptop was full of viruses #ohdear so my dad had to fix it and now it's virus free (fingers crossed!). Anyway it's time for a life update post as I've not done one of these for ages.

New Job!
I am proud to say I have another job! with the help of Shaw trust I have started at B&M it was my first day on Tuesday (21st) I was doing shelf filing with another girl who I met on the John Lewis course. My shaw trust advisor came with me on the first day, but wasn't really much help sort of just left me to it I felt a bit let down if I'm honest and am not that keen on my advisor either.

Feeling Happy!.
I really thought I'd be unemployed a lot longer than this but things seemed to of happened pretty quickly. Which I'm feeling good about and now I can start thinking of other things to do. I have thought of a few things but at the moment I'll see how I get on at B&M.

Thanks for reading.

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