Saturday, 4 February 2017

Let's Chat About: Periods

Today I'm talking about periods or in other words mother nature! haha. Periods don't really get talked about much these days. The always or tampax adverts are so false and make periods look fun which I'm pretty sure no girl has EVER said.

I don't remember when I started my period I might've been 11 or 12 I'm not sure I was quite heavy then and they used to last about 5 days. It wasn't fun at school or college when being on your period when you have to change your pad etc.

When I had a job last month (I'm not there anymore) my period came the week I started which wasn't ideal.My period always falls when I don't want it which is a huge inconvenience I do delay it sometimes but not very often you can read about my pill experience here

The week before my due I'm normally moody, eat whatever I want and more and feel unmotivated and don't want to do anything. It's pretty much the same for the whole 3 days my periods here. I get tummy pains, achy boobs, achy vagina and just feel so meh and wish I didn't have to have periods. It would be so much easier if all girls got a text saying you're not pregnant have a nice day!. Also I think tampons/pads should have vouchers for money off chocolate or ice cream.

I've never tried tampons and I don't think I ever will I don't like the idea of inserting it into my virgina lol!. I've always used pads and get on fine with them I used to only buy the ones without wings but now I like them! (they're more practical!). I normally live in my pyjamas, leggings or some sort of comfy wear when it's my time of the month as they're way more comfortable than jeans how can anyone wear jeans?!?.

I hope you liked this post!

Let me know if you relate to any of this by leaving a comment I'd love to hear!.

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  1. You are so brave to chat about this topic, I keep wanting to try a mooncup but I'm too scared!

  2. I like to talk about more taboo subjects that aren't really talked about these days.

  3. It's great that you are confident enough to talk about subjects such as periods. This post is completely relatable. When I'm on my period, I live in sweatpants haha!

    Eleanor |

    1. They rarely get talked about and after watching YouTube videos I thought I'd share my experiences too. I'm trying to write about more taboo subjects. Ah good shout! they're most comfy.