Saturday, 18 February 2017

Let's Chat About:10 Ways To Get Over Him

We've all cried over that guy who we thought was the 'one' but turned out to be another douche and we all think our lives are over but it's really not. So here are my top ten tips on getting over him!.

1.Cry,cry and cry some more it really does help!.

2.Get rid off ALL reminders of him, photos, clothes, presents etc.

3.Don't stalk him on social media block him NOW so you're not tempted because it really won't help you move on.

4.Make plans, keep busy it will take your mind of things.

5.Suround yourself with your girl pals, order pizza and have a good old chat.

6.Eat some chocolate :).

7.Make a break up playlist, dance, sing and you'll loads better in yourself.

8.Have a long over due pamper session, bubble bath, face mask and just relax.

9.Watch your favourite tv series/YouTuber/film.

10.Work on yourself and write down all the things that make you happy.

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