Thursday, 9 February 2017

Let's Chat About: Bullying

I had a tough time at school, I was bullied a lot, I never really fitted in or had friends and I just hated school it wasn't a great time for me.

I found school hard, the work was difficult and as I have Fragile X this made things even harder I was always left out, no one wanted to be my friend and I always on my own. I got bullied by this girls best friend who didn't like me being friends with her friend she called me troll and I just took it and did nothing because I wasn't confident enough to speak up. I felt unhappy, lonely, sad and all I wanted was to fit in and have friends.

When I did a computer course at college I had a best friend and we always had fun, went places, had sleepovers. After sometime we drifted apart and she deleted me off social media I do miss her sometimes as we had a lot of fun and made good memories. I know that happens to everyone so I'm not dwelling on it.

A lot of the girls in my year were all stuck up and so bitchy and everyone was labelled eg the geeks, the popular's etc. I never had a bf through school, I know it wasn't important but I guess at times I felt left out because everyone else had one.

I do find it hard to make friends but once you get to know me I do come out my shell even if it takes me a while. It's not easy as I am quite shy/quiet but over time I've gotten more confident since being at volunteering for the past 6 years. Even since blogging I've not really made any friends from it as I find it difficult and when I do try message others they don't respond.

There's bullying everywhere these days school, work, online and I think online bullying has gotten worse. There are so many trolls out there making fake accounts just to say nasty things. Also body shamming is just as bad we see it everywhere magazines, Instagram, etc but there's no need for it. Since I made my blog I've not had any nasty comments which I thought I'd get but I know I could still get them.

If you are or know anyone who is being bullied then speak out, talk to a teacher, family member someone you can trust. I've put some info down below should you need it.

Useful Links/Info.

National bullying helpline-
Tel: 0845 22 55 787

Thanks for reading
and I hope this post helps others.

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