Saturday, 25 February 2017

25 Ways To A Better Mood

We all have those down days where we just want to stay in bed and eat junk food but we can't do that all the time. So I thought I'd share 25 ways to boost your mood!.

1.Get outside, take your headphones and get some fresh air. It can get stuffy when you're stuck indoors so getting some fresh air will definitely help.

2.Listen to music goes with the above really listening to your favourite songs or concentrating on the lyrics makes a difference because we all relate to them in some ways.

3.Bake your favourite cake, cookies, cupcakes anything you like!.

4.Talk to someone your mum, dad, sibling, gran, granddad if things are bugging you it's best to talk about them. You'll feel loads better when you do honest. Or if you're not one to talk then write things down in a notebook or the notes section on your phone.

5. See your friends, go to the cinema, have coffee to take your mind off things.

6.Watch your favourite YouTuber mine is Brogan Tate she makes weekly vlogs and they always put me in a better mood because she's always so positive. She's definitely my inspiration I have said before I'd like to make YouTube videos but I've never had enough confidence. I also watch Grace Victory she's another one who inspires me.

7.Find a new hobby such as drawing, painting, knitting, or start blogging.

8.Join a club to meet new people, make new friends and connect with like minded people.

9.Have a pamper session take a nice bath, put on a face mask,wash your hair. Then put your make up on or just have make up free day which is also just as good.

10.Get organised! whether your make up needs decluttering or your wardrobe is running out of space now's the time to sort things out!.

11.Declutter your social media accounts. Stop following the negative Nancy's and find some inspirational accounts who post positive things.

12.Similar to above surround yourself with positive people who make you happy, who inspire you, and who always tell you don't give up.

13. Smile it will help honest!.

14.Put on your favourite outfit.

15.Find positive quotes on Pinterest and make a board of your faves.

16.Write down all the things you appreciate in your life. This puts things into perspective and you'll feel happier for example I appreciate my family and friends for always being there.

17.Visit your grandparents.

18.Watch your fave Tv series or find a new one,which I have finally done! also I have recently got back into watching crime docs on YouTube.

19.Make a mood board and pin some inspirational quotes.

20.Get creative-try a new outfit, make up look, re-design your blog.

21.Get your haircut or just re-styled.

22.Eat some chocolate!.

23.Plan a day out/mini trip away.

24.Write down all the things that make you happy.

25.Hang out with your pet cat, dog whatever one you have (cats are better though!)

I hope you liked this post.
Thanks for reading

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