Saturday, 21 January 2017

New Job Week 2

Monday 16th January 2017-
Today was a better day I made a few phone calls but hardly had any answers but I'm getting there slowly! hope I can speak to more people tomorrow and I'll get my words out properly!.

Tuesday 17th January 2017-
Today seemed to go slow I was ringing people but had no luck with answers. I still feel like I'm struggling but I guess I need to give it time and stop doubting myself.

Wednesday 18th January 2017-
Today went well I was on my own and I managed to make a few calls and speak to 2 people. I also updated Facebook and twitter with recent news stories. I then did some filing.

Thursday 19th January 2017-

Today was just shit :( I made a few calls but I'm still learning things about the job. I've just gotta give it time and I'll get the hang of it soon.

Friday 20th January 2017-
Today went okay I made a few calls and managed to get 2 leads which is something but I'm still learning! though I'm sure I'll get the hang of things soon.

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