Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Life Update

There isn't a week 3 about my new job post but I explain more in this post.

Starting And Losing My Job
As a lot of people know I started a new job in the 2nd week of January as a marketing assistant in Braintree.The first week wasn't very good had a few ups and downs and then by the 2nd week it all went even more down hill. The job didn't work out for me but it's ok I've learnt from it and I am going to look for other work that is more suitable for me.

Blogging More
I am trying to get into working on my blog more and I want to post more content I'm going to start a series about my experiences in relationships,going on the pill etc. I will still be posting the odd beauty or lush post but they get boring and there's so many of them. I got inspired by YouTubers/bloggers Brogan Tate and Grace Victory to start this series so I hope you like it.

Feeling Positive!
I'm still feeling positive despite being unemployed again but I know I'll find something soon (I hope). I have been looking but there's not a lot out there at the moment which is annoying but it is January!.I am hoping someone from work choice contacts me soon so I have some support but I miss my old advisor :(. My jobcentre advisor seemed ok about me losing my job I thought she might be mad but she didn't think the role was right for me anyway. It's very hard to ring people and sell a service because most are out or just aren't interested,though I think I'd like an office role maybe a social media assistant in the future.

Thanks for reading and I'll be back soon.

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