Thursday, 26 January 2017

Let's Have A Chat

After watching Brogan Tate's and Grace Victory's YouTube videos on their pill experiences I decided to start a series on my blog about my own experiences and I'm going to be talking about relationships, sex, body image, periods and bullying.

I will try to post as often as I can I will be making a schedule which I hope to stick to!. I'm excited to share different things on my blog, I've been thinking about it for ages but never had the guts to but now's the time!. I think these subjects don't get talked about often and I'm keen to make them more aware and to help others too.

I will also try and talk more about Fragile X but as I have 9 posts already I've most probably mentioned everything so that might be a tricky!. I do want to write more about it but it's difficult as I always feel like I'm repeating myself!.

I hope you enjoy my little series don't forget to follow my blog and all social media so you don miss any posts!. If this goes well I will be doing another one at some point!, well if I keep up with posting etc!

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