Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Fragile X: Meeting New People

I have written a lot of posts on Fragile X and to be honest I've probably mentioned most things by now! but then I had a thought I could write about meeting new people and how I find interacting with other people.

Fragile X makes it harder for me to speak to people who I don't know so I tend to just keep myself to myself. I have always found it hard meeting new people, I get shy and nervous and really never know what to say. I had a difficult time at school as I was the quiet one I got bullied and found it hard making friends. This was similar to college but it wasn't as bad, I made friends but I did find the work hard.

I find it hard talking to girls and interacting with them as they can be bitchy and clicky (it was like this at school and college) they never want to be my friend because I'm quiet and don't say anything. I find it hard to speak up in groups especially interviews, I also can't go up to someone and introduce myself. I feel uncomfortable when I'm in unknown places with people I don't know.

I recently had a marketing job and found that so hard making calls to the general public. It's honestly the hardest thing to do because most people aren't interested or aren't even home, and then there's the rude ones but I guess we are all like that when we get these sorts of calls at home. I found the interview ok as it was just me and another girl instead of a group one.

Since being at volunteering for 6 years now I have really come out my shell and it's made a huge difference to me. I now talk to the customers which is something I didn't think I'd do, don't get me wrong I do like meeting people but it just takes me a while to come out my shell.
I think this goes for the same as blogging I find it hard to interact with other bloggers online so I tend to just not to. I find some girls can be quite clicky and as they already have their group I would feel awkward. I know not all girls are like this and there are some genuine ones out there I just wish it was easy for me to make friends/talk to new people.

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