Wednesday, 4 January 2017

CV Tips And Advice

As I now have a job I thought I'd share my tips and advice on what to put on your CV if you're struggling. I hope they help if you have any questions then leave them in the comments or tweet me at sarahbobbeal.

1. Keep It To Two Pages Max.
This is vital because no company are going to spend hours reading your CV so keep it to 2 pages otherwise they'll throw it away.

2.Put A Personal Profile About Yourself At The Top.
This is the first thing the employee will see so sell your self! use words like keen,eager.quick learner and committed.If they see words like this they're more likely to consider you for an interview which is what you want.

3.Your Key Skills.
Similar to above but more in depth so write what skills you have from other jobs or if you've not had one take up volunteering in a charity shop to gain experience and also if you sign on at the jobcentre they will like that. Put things such as excellent customer service,quick learner,punctual and reliable etc you get the idea!.

4.Put The Most Recent Things You've Done First.
When you write your employment history or school/college years put the ones which are most recent first then go from there.

5.Hobbies and Interests (keep it simple)
Write things like you enjoy going to the cinema,seeing friends,going to the gym etc. You don't need to put much in this section it's just an rough idea for the employee.

6.Contact Details.
Put your address on the left hand side of your CV and your name,email use a suitable address and phone numbers both home and mobile on the right hand side.

7.Use A Computer.
It's important that your CV looks smart and tidy so it's best to type it on a computer. If you don't have one then use the library or ask the jobcentre though that's a last resort!. Use a clear,readable font and most important SPELL CHECK! there's nothing worse than sending your CV to an employer with spelling mistakes.

8.Put these (maximum 2) at the bottom these can be school teachers,college tutors and past employers.

9.Keep Your CV Updated.
Remember to update your CV regularly even if you get a temp job put it on there. If you do volunteering that needs to go on too.

10.Stay Positive!.
No matter how hard things get keep going and never give up. You will get a job it took me so long and I can't quite believe it's happened!. Believe in yourself,don't let anyone bring you down and stay positive.

Thanks for reading.

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