Saturday, 21 January 2017

Advice On Starting A New Job

Now that I've started a new job in marketing (I never thought I'd be doing that!) so I thought I would share my tips and advice on starting a new job. I've been in my job a week so far and it's taking me some time to settle in etc I wrote about my first week here if you want to read it.

1.Get prepared the night before so find what you're going to wear depending on the job for example in an office you'd wear black trousers, smart top, black shoes and a cardigan this would be similar if you had a retail role. Thought some places will have uniforms such as supermarkets and some retail shops so you will be given one as and when you start.

2.Set your alarm for the morning but DON'T snooze it!.

3.You won't pick things up right away but these things take time so be patient it doesn't matter how long it takes you will get there eventually.

4.It's ok to be nervous we all have them they will soon pass when you start to get used to it.

5.Ask questions if you're unsure of something or need them to repeat the task don't be afraid.

6.Make your lunch the night before and take any snacks you want. Also take a bottle of water with you in your bag.

7.DON'T be late on your first day if you're going to be late for whatever reason let your boss know asap. Though you shouldn't really be late on your first day or any day to be honest unless there's an accident or something you can't help that.

8.Don't give up if things don't go well the first week it's all new and it takes time to settle in.

9.Check bus/train times if you have to travel or if you drive make sure you have enough petrol. Leave plenty of time so you're not late it's better to be early than late.

10. Last of all stay positive you will pick things up eventually.

Thanks for reading and I hope you find this post useful! 
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