Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Goals

Happy 2017! my first post of the new year and what better way to start by sharing my goals for the year!.

Comfort Zones- 
I've never been one to get out my comfort unless I have to but I think this year I'm going to try and do more things. A lot of people know I'm not into parties or social events and I rarely get invited to them (fine with me).So when I got invited to a party I had in my head that I'd go but when the day came I didn't go first I was still unwell and secondly I didn't really want to go. If I'm honest I'm not that close to them I only really know them from the charity shop and from what I heard I didn't miss much. I then got invited to a new year party which was fancy dress now I wouldn't normally dress up let alone go to a party but I did and while I probably wasn't the most sociable one there I went and I am glad I did I went as a Christmas tree haha it was fun.

Get Fitter-
I am going to try and go for more walks and just get outside!. I also need to make myself drink more water and a lot less Pepsi (urghhh that's going to be fun).

Make New Friends-
It would be nice to meet new people and now I have a new job it might be possible for me to make friends.

Find My Dream Job-
I have recently got a job which I start on the 9th as a marketing assistant. I'm a mix of excitement and nerves but I've gotta try it and see what happens. Who knows I might hate it or I might love it or it might even be my dream job. I will be posting updates as and when I can about how things are going so keep an eye for them!.

What are your goals?
Leave them in the comments!
Thanks for reading.

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