Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Fragile X: Meeting New People

I have written a lot of posts on Fragile X and to be honest I've probably mentioned most things by now! but then I had a thought I could write about meeting new people and how I find interacting with other people.

Fragile X makes it harder for me to speak to people who I don't know so I tend to just keep myself to myself. I have always found it hard meeting new people, I get shy and nervous and really never know what to say. I had a difficult time at school as I was the quiet one I got bullied and found it hard making friends. This was similar to college but it wasn't as bad, I made friends but I did find the work hard.

I find it hard talking to girls and interacting with them as they can be bitchy and clicky (it was like this at school and college) they never want to be my friend because I'm quiet and don't say anything. I find it hard to speak up in groups especially interviews, I also can't go up to someone and introduce myself. I feel uncomfortable when I'm in unknown places with people I don't know.

I recently had a marketing job and found that so hard making calls to the general public. It's honestly the hardest thing to do because most people aren't interested or aren't even home, and then there's the rude ones but I guess we are all like that when we get these sorts of calls at home. I found the interview ok as it was just me and another girl instead of a group one.

Since being at volunteering for 6 years now I have really come out my shell and it's made a huge difference to me. I now talk to the customers which is something I didn't think I'd do, don't get me wrong I do like meeting people but it just takes me a while to come out my shell.
I think this goes for the same as blogging I find it hard to interact with other bloggers online so I tend to just not to. I find some girls can be quite clicky and as they already have their group I would feel awkward. I know not all girls are like this and there are some genuine ones out there I just wish it was easy for me to make friends/talk to new people.

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Sunday, 29 January 2017

Let's Have A Chat: My Experiance On The Pill

*Disclaimer* I'm not an medical expert this is just my experience as I explain further in this post everyone is different.

I didn't really know a lot about the pill before I came on it sex wasn't really on my mind, I'd not thought about losing my virginity and nor was I in a relationship. My first relationship was with a boy from college way back in 2009 we hardly spent anytime together, we never had sex and well it just didn't last I was heartbroken at the time (but bare in mind I was only 18!).

I'd not even thought about going on it as I wasn't interested in having sex but now I'm glad I'm on it.At the time it was my mums idea that I should go on the pill as I was now in a relationship, though I was adamant at first and didn't think I needed to. After sometime I soon came round to the idea and went to the doctors and I got put on Rigevidon.

I've not really had any issues with my pill I regularly take a weeks break which is advisable but if you have something on that will affect it then you can delay it. I am quite glad I'm on it as I don't have a period very often and when I do they're much lighter I've not had sex yet but more on that in another post.

I take my pill every night I'm not very forgetful but I have missed it maybe once or twice but I just take it the next morning and I'm fine it just means I take 2 pills on that day. Sometimes I go over to another pack as I don't want my period at that particular time so just go over to another pack I did this over December as it was my birthday and Christmas, but then it came when I started my new job #notsuchfun.

I go to the doctors for regular checks which are important so you know you're on the right pill, they also check your weight, height and blood pressure. If you do get any problems then it's best to speak to your GP about things everyone is different and there are many other pills and conception out there. If you miss a pill and are unsure then again seek advice from your doctor.

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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Let's Have A Chat

After watching Brogan Tate's and Grace Victory's YouTube videos on their pill experiences I decided to start a series on my blog about my own experiences. So I'm going to be talking about relationships, sex, body image, periods and bullying and anything else that springs to mind.

I will try to post as often as I can I will be making a schedule which I hope to stick to!. I'm excited to share different things on my blog, I've been thinking about it for ages but never had the guts to but now's the time!. I think these subjects don't get talked about often and I'm keen to make them more aware and to help others too.

I will also try and talk more about Fragile X but as I have 9 posts already I've most probably mentioned everything so that might be a tricky!. I do want to write more about it but it's difficult as I always feel like I'm repeating myself!.

I hope you enjoy my little series don't forget to follow my blog and all social media so you don miss any posts!. If this goes well I will be doing another one at some point!, well if I keep up with posting etc!

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Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Life Update

There isn't a week 3 about my new job post but I explain more in this post.

Starting And Losing My Job
As a lot of people know I started a new job in the 2nd week of January as a marketing assistant in Braintree.The first week wasn't very good had a few ups and downs and then by the 2nd week it all went even more down hill. The job didn't work out for me but it's ok I've learnt from it and I am going to look for other work that is more suitable for me.

Blogging More
I am trying to get into working on my blog more and I want to post more content I'm going to start a series about my experiences in relationships,going on the pill etc. I will still be posting the odd beauty or lush post but they get boring and there's so many of them. I got inspired by YouTubers/bloggers Brogan Tate and Grace Victory to start this series so I hope you like it.

Feeling Positive!
I'm still feeling positive despite being unemployed again but I know I'll find something soon (I hope). I have been looking but there's not a lot out there at the moment which is annoying but it is January!.I am hoping someone from work choice contacts me soon so I have some support but I miss my old advisor :(. My jobcentre advisor seemed ok about me losing my job I thought she might be mad but she didn't think the role was right for me anyway. It's very hard to ring people and sell a service because most are out or just aren't interested,though I think I'd like an office role maybe a social media assistant in the future.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Advice On Starting A New Job

Now that I've started a new job in marketing (I never thought I'd be doing that!) so I thought I would share my tips and advice on starting a new job. I've been in my job a week so far and it's taking me some time to settle in etc I wrote about my first week here if you want to read it. http://sarahbobbeal.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/new-job-week-one.html

1.Get prepared the night before so find what you're going to wear depending on the job for example in an office you'd wear black trousers, smart top, black shoes and a cardigan this would be similar if you had a retail role. Thought some places will have uniforms such as supermarkets and some retail shops so you will be given one as and when you start.

2.Set your alarm for the morning but DON'T snooze it!.

3.You won't pick things up right away but these things take time so be patient it doesn't matter how long it takes you will get there eventually.

4.It's ok to be nervous we all have them they will soon pass when you start to get used to it.

5.Ask questions if you're unsure of something or need them to repeat the task don't be afraid.

6.Make your lunch the night before and take any snacks you want. Also take a bottle of water with you in your bag.

7.DON'T be late on your first day if you're going to be late for whatever reason let your boss know asap. Though you shouldn't really be late on your first day or any day to be honest unless there's an accident or something you can't help that.

8.Don't give up if things don't go well the first week it's all new and it takes time to settle in.

9.Check bus/train times if you have to travel or if you drive make sure you have enough petrol. Leave plenty of time so you're not late it's better to be early than late.

10. Last of all stay positive you will pick things up eventually.

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New Job Week 2

Monday 16th January 2017-
Today was a better day I made a few phone calls but hardly had any answers but I'm getting there slowly! hope I can speak to more people tomorrow and I'll get my words out properly!.

Tuesday 17th January 2017-
Today seemed to go slow I was ringing people but had no luck with answers. I still feel like I'm struggling but I guess I need to give it time and stop doubting myself.

Wednesday 18th January 2017-
Today went well I was on my own and I managed to make a few calls and speak to 2 people. I also updated Facebook and twitter with recent news stories. I then did some filing.

Thursday 19th January 2017-

Today was just shit :( I made a few calls but I'm still learning things about the job. I've just gotta give it time and I'll get the hang of it soon.

Friday 20th January 2017-
Today went okay I made a few calls and managed to get 2 leads which is something but I'm still learning! though I'm sure I'll get the hang of things soon.

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Friday, 13 January 2017

New Job Week One

I thought I would document my first week of my new job at a wills and probate company as a marketing assistant. Hope you like this let me know if I should carry on the whole time I'm there tweet me @ sarahbobbeal or leave a comment.

Monday 9th January 2017- My first day at work! it went okay though I did get a bit upset think it was nerves.I'm unsure if it's suitable or not so just going to get this week out the way and see what happens. I was on the phones but didn't speak to anyone which is frustrating but hopefully tomorrow will be better. The only thing is the hours are quite short as they're split in two so if I'd have to come back if I did the evening shift it's not very practical but I am looking for other work as well with longer hours.

Tuesday 10th January 2017- day 2 done! it went better than yesterday I did a bit of phoning and the rest was looking on news articles for the companies facebook page. I also got to know the other new girl more which was nice.

Wednesday 11th January 2017- Today didn't go very well I got upset with things and felt like giving up but I'm not because I know I can do it and I'll pick things up eventually.

Thursday 12th January 2017- I felt better today which is good! they found out about my blog and I'm currently in charge of the social media sites. I think that will be better for me for now but I know I've got to get over my fear and nerves of calling people.

Friday 13th January 2017- I made it through the first week! go me it's been okay but not the best start which is normal as it's new. I hope next week is better and I can work on my phone skills.

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Wednesday, 4 January 2017

CV Tips And Advice

As I now have a job I thought I'd share my tips and advice on what to put on your CV if you're struggling. I hope they help if you have any questions then leave them in the comments or tweet me at sarahbobbeal.

1. Keep It To Two Pages Max.
This is vital because no company are going to spend hours reading your CV so keep it to 2 pages otherwise they'll throw it away.

2.Put A Personal Profile About Yourself At The Top.
This is the first thing the employee will see so sell your self! use words like keen,eager.quick learner and committed.If they see words like this they're more likely to consider you for an interview which is what you want.

3.Your Key Skills.
Similar to above but more in depth so write what skills you have from other jobs or if you've not had one take up volunteering in a charity shop to gain experience and also if you sign on at the jobcentre they will like that. Put things such as excellent customer service,quick learner,punctual and reliable etc you get the idea!.

4.Put The Most Recent Things You've Done First.
When you write your employment history or school/college years put the ones which are most recent first then go from there.

5.Hobbies and Interests (keep it simple)
Write things like you enjoy going to the cinema,seeing friends,going to the gym etc. You don't need to put much in this section it's just an rough idea for the employee.

6.Contact Details.
Put your address on the left hand side of your CV and your name,email use a suitable address and phone numbers both home and mobile on the right hand side.

7.Use A Computer.
It's important that your CV looks smart and tidy so it's best to type it on a computer. If you don't have one then use the library or ask the jobcentre though that's a last resort!. Use a clear,readable font and most important SPELL CHECK! there's nothing worse than sending your CV to an employer with spelling mistakes.

8.Put these (maximum 2) at the bottom these can be school teachers,college tutors and past employers.

9.Keep Your CV Updated.
Remember to update your CV regularly even if you get a temp job put it on there. If you do volunteering that needs to go on too.

10.Stay Positive!.
No matter how hard things get keep going and never give up. You will get a job it took me so long and I can't quite believe it's happened!. Believe in yourself,don't let anyone bring you down and stay positive.

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Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Goals

Happy 2017! my first post of the new year and what better way to start by sharing my goals for the year!.

Comfort Zones- 
I've never been one to get out my comfort unless I have to but I think this year I'm going to try and do more things. A lot of people know I'm not into parties or social events and I rarely get invited to them (fine with me).So when I got invited to a party I had in my head that I'd go but when the day came I didn't go first I was still unwell and secondly I didn't really want to go. If I'm honest I'm not that close to them I only really know them from the charity shop and from what I heard I didn't miss much. I then got invited to a new year party which was fancy dress now I wouldn't normally dress up let alone go to a party but I did and while I probably wasn't the most sociable one there I went and I am glad I did I went as a Christmas tree haha it was fun.

Get Fitter-
I am going to try and go for more walks and just get outside!. I also need to make myself drink more water and a lot less Pepsi (urghhh that's going to be fun).

Make New Friends-
It would be nice to meet new people and now I have a new job it might be possible for me to make friends.

Find My Dream Job-
I have recently got a job which I start on the 9th as a marketing assistant. I'm a mix of excitement and nerves but I've gotta try it and see what happens. Who knows I might hate it or I might love it or it might even be my dream job. I will be posting updates as and when I can about how things are going so keep an eye for them!.

What are your goals?
Leave them in the comments!
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