Friday, 2 December 2016


I've been sooo keen to write this post and now I finally can! ahhhh I have a job and am SO excited and happy! can you tell?!?. It's been a long time coming but I'm finally getting somewhere and I can't tell you how good that feels. It's a marketing assistant at a wills and probate company not something I would normally go for but I'm so proud I got the job it's the best news ever! :D.

I started applying for job roles I wouldn't normally go for and when I saw this role it said no experience required so I thought why not and then I got a call the next day! and invited to an interview. I was worried about because it was a group interview not my fave but it turned out to be just me and another girl and the interviewer so it went better than I thought. I can't quite believe I've got a job and a chance it's really happening and it's the best thing to start 2017 with which I didn't think I would but here we are.

There's so many people I want to thank for believing me my family, my volunteering friends,the people from the Fragile X group,my work choice advisor and I guess I should put my jobcentre advisor. I'm so glad I had all these people for support,the times I wanted to give up,the times my interviews didn't go well and all the times I got a no or didn't hear back at all. I've finally got there and I'm so proud of myself that I've got myself a job.

Thanks for reading.

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