Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas Jumpers Under £20

Christmas isn't Christmas without a festive jumper or 2 (I have a few no shame!) so I did some research and found some that are all under £20! I hope this guide helps if you're stuck on what jumper to get.,R35397146322949
Gotta have a snowman jumper and can't go wrong with the price £12!. I still have mine from a few Christmases ago! love it if you're a fan of home alone then you need this jumper. I'm not even sure if mine still fits haha.,R35397146196595
This one looks so snuggly I think I might have to buy it myself! 

This one's really cute! I like the reindeer's it's very christmassy.

For the prosecco drinkers!.

I love the film Elf and this jumper is very appropriate!.

I'm a fan of penguins and this one is very cute and up my street.

Christmas tree jumper is needed! love the colours in this one if you're looking for a simple one.

Thanks for reading
and happy jumper shopping!.

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