Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blogmas Fail

The title saids it all! I'm failing blogmas and it all started when I got a cough and cold (which I STILL have urghhh) and then I got sickness for 24 hours :(. So I decided to do blogmas this year and to be honest my posts haven't been great and i dont like them a few were planned but others were just to get something up and I'm not sure what to do?. Should I carry on? should I scrap them all?.

It's not east thinking of content to post and being able to post it everyday I did have a few ideas but they've gone out the window and my other posts aren't that good either. I wish my blog was better and had better content/photos but it doesn't and I think I have blogger envy. In January I'm going to try and improve my blog,post better content and decent photos and as I'll be employed I might possibly invest in a blogging camera.

I'm going to try and get day 11 up soon I don't want to miss anymore days it's bad enough one day but two! anyway I'll be back soon.

Thanks for reading.

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