Saturday, 31 December 2016

My 2016

So we have come to the end of 2016 it hasn't been the best year for me but there have been some good things and I thought I'd share them with you. Things started of slow and I was still unemployed so not much happened. Though December was the best month for me that's when things started to pick up I'm glad to be ending the year happy and positive about what's to come next.

Finally Getting A Job!.
So I applied for a Marketing Assistant job and didn't think anything of it until they rang the next day and invited me to an interview on the 2/12/16. I then found out it was a group interview so I thought I won't ace that but still went along anyway. I got there and only me and another girl turned up so it went better than I thought and I got the job yaasssssss! things are actually starting to look up for me. Though I'm a bit miffed after finding out it's not for long but I guess it's a job and I'm sure it will bring more opportunities for me and update my CV.

6 Years At EACH.
I have been volunteering for 6 years now at Each I really can't believe I've been there that long! I love it and I'll still go even when I start my job. I do think things will change in the new year though. I've written a post on it here if you want to read it

Turning 26.
I turned 26! ahhhh so scary! haha 5 days before Christmas apparently I was meant to be born on Christmas day! :O We went out to pizza express which was so good! love their dough balls. I got some lovely presents and cards and overall I had a good day with my family.

This Christmas was better than last years which I'm glad about! we had a nice dinner,lots of lovely presents and even more food as you do!. Apart from the evening kerfuffle it went well we visited my grandparents and just had family time chilling spending most of it eating,sleeping and watching TV/films.
I hope you had a good 2016.
and see you in 2017 for more posts!.

Saturday, 17 December 2016

Life Update

It's been a while since I've blogged well since I got a job (still waiting to hear about my start date etc) I'm so impatient it's been worrying me for ages. I just want to know when I start hopefully in January. Not a lot has been happening I failed blogmas if you saw my post on it then you'll know,I finally got rid off the sickness/cough/cold/sore throat. The jobcentre aren't on my case anymore (fingers crossed they leave me alone!) I went last week and saw my actual advisor she wasn't too bad the other woman I saw the week before was awful (well they're all awful if I'm honest).

I am a bit nervous/worried about starting my new job I hope I can do it and get on ok but you know it's experience and learning so it will somewhat help. I will still go volunteering for as long as possible I'll miss when I'm not there but I am super glad to have a job now and to earn my own money. I'm looking forward to next week got a few exciting plans and then it's Christmas! yaaaay so excited for that! It is my birthday before so we are going out for that :).I'm feeling a lot more positive about things which I'm glad about it's about time I had some happy things happen!.

That's all for this post and I'll be back soon with a round up of the year.
Thanks for reading.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

Blogmas Fail

The title saids it all! I'm failing blogmas and it all started when I got a cough and cold (which I STILL have urghhh) and then I got sickness for 24 hours :(. So I decided to do blogmas this year and to be honest my posts haven't been great and i dont like them a few were planned but others were just to get something up and I'm not sure what to do?. Should I carry on? should I scrap them all?.

It's not east thinking of content to post and being able to post it everyday I did have a few ideas but they've gone out the window and my other posts aren't that good either. I wish my blog was better and had better content/photos but it doesn't and I think I have blogger envy. In January I'm going to try and improve my blog,post better content and decent photos and as I'll be employed I might possibly invest in a blogging camera.

I'm going to try and get day 11 up soon I don't want to miss anymore days it's bad enough one day but two! anyway I'll be back soon.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Lush Christmas Rose Jam Shower Gel

The best ever Lush shower gel! my all time favourtie along with snow fairy though rose jam only comes out at Christmas so you have to be quick!. I love the smell of this it's fresh and just the best shower gel ever. This comes in 4 sizes and this one is the smallest but the biggest is 1kg!.

It contains Turkish rose absolute oil for balancing and restorative,conditioning argon oils for repairing and antioxidant,Egyptian geranium oil for toning and balancing. It contains 21 ingredients which are all natural and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

The rose petals are handpicked at dawn in Senir,Turkey when they're most fragrant and have a beautiful scent. This shower gel also contains sweet vanilla pod infusion which is combined with a cleansing Sicilian lemon oil and also fresh goji berry juice. This adds a refreshing edge to this amazing floral gel.

Prices/Sizes only on sale at Christmas so be quick!
100g for £4.95
250g for £9.95
500g for £16.50
1kg for £27.79 I'd love this size! *hint hint*

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

My Favourite Christmas Films

These are my all time favourite Christmas films to watch when it's cold outside and I have cosy blankets and yummy snacks.

Elf-the best film ever and the musical was brilliant too! saw it last year but not sure if it's on again this year.

Home Alone 1 and Home Alone 2 Lost in New York-All time classics at Christmas KEVIN!!!!

Christmas with the Kranks-Lol this is funny to watch at Christmas.

Miracle on 34th Street- Mara Wilson is in this (from Matilda you should already know that) this film is proper christmassy.

The Grinch-I know the Grinch isn't a nice person but it's still a Christmas film and it's still good to watch.

The Muppet's Christmas carol- You have to watch this on Christmas eve or a few days before such a good film.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 2 December 2016


I've been sooo keen to write this post and now I finally can! ahhhh I have a job and am SO excited and happy! can you tell?!?. It's been a long time coming but I'm finally getting somewhere and I can't tell you how good that feels. It's a marketing assistant at a wills and probate company not something I would normally go for but I'm so proud I got the job it's the best news ever! :D.

I started applying for job roles I wouldn't normally go for and when I saw this role it said no experience required so I thought why not and then I got a call the next day! and invited to an interview. I was worried about because it was a group interview not my fave but it turned out to be just me and another girl and the interviewer so it went better than I thought. I can't quite believe I've got a job and a chance it's really happening and it's the best thing to start 2017 with which I didn't think I would but here we are.

There's so many people I want to thank for believing me my family, my volunteering friends,the people from the Fragile X group,my work choice advisor and I guess I should put my jobcentre advisor. I'm so glad I had all these people for support,the times I wanted to give up,the times my interviews didn't go well and all the times I got a no or didn't hear back at all. I've finally got there and I'm so proud of myself that I've got myself a job.

Thanks for reading.

Christmas Jumpers Under £20

Christmas isn't Christmas without a festive jumper or 2 (I have a few no shame!) so I did some research and found some that are all under £20! I hope this guide helps if you're stuck on what jumper to get.,R35397146322949
Gotta have a snowman jumper and can't go wrong with the price £12!. I still have mine from a few Christmases ago! love it if you're a fan of home alone then you need this jumper. I'm not even sure if mine still fits haha.,R35397146196595
This one looks so snuggly I think I might have to buy it myself! 

This one's really cute! I like the reindeer's it's very christmassy.

For the prosecco drinkers!.

I love the film Elf and this jumper is very appropriate!.

I'm a fan of penguins and this one is very cute and up my street.

Christmas tree jumper is needed! love the colours in this one if you're looking for a simple one.

Thanks for reading
and happy jumper shopping!.