Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Life Update

Well to be honest I'm not even sure if writing this post is worth it because nothing is remotely happening in my life and I just feel like where am I going? what's going to happen? am I ever going to get a job?. This wasn't the plan at all I thought I'd be volunteering for a few months possibly a year and after my 2 Xmas jobs I thought I'd be in a permanent role by now. It's been a year since I was a M&S :O and not a lot has happened :( it does get annoying when people keep saying something will come along will it? will I EVER get a job? or am I just destined to be unemployed?.

I always say every year I'll get a job has it happened? no it bloody hasn't and I'm getting even more frustrated and annoyed because my life is going nowhere I don't like how things are and it sometimes feels like no understands.It just saids the same old same old I'm just going round and round in circles here I find a job but need experience but I can't get any if no one will employ me! I don't get it? how did they people who already work there get experience? I'm sure they were where I am now so how am I ANY different?.

I do envy people a lot because things are happening for them and not me and I'm always wondering where I'm going wrong? all I want is a chance and some luck! please I can't be unemployed much longer there's so many things I want to do. I know there's other people out there who are like me too but some probably don't even want a job but I do and I wish it was easy.

I recently got put on work choice/papworth trust to help with finding a job but we've only met a few times though I sometimes feel like she doesn't want to come all this way to meet me she comes from Cambridge to Halstead. I was meant to meet her last week and she cancelled and hasn't been in touch since but if I had cancelled I'd be in the wrong, I don't understand why she can't just say when my next appointment is I do get the impression she doesn't want to help but I could do with the support if I'm honest I thought she was going to help me with my next interview I really could have done with that.

That's all for this post sorry it's a bit of a downer but I'm trying to be positive a job will turn up soon
Thanks for reading.


  1. I feel so sorry that you're going through this Sarah. I follow your posts on the FX facebook page and I see how determined and dedicated you are about finding work. I know lots have people have given you advice, and that it hasn't worked so far, so sorry if you've already tried this, but have you tried contacting organisations directly and offering your services? I have been out of work for three years and was giving up like you, but then got in touch with a local company about doing a work placement and it's going really well! It's just for two months but there is a chance for me to do more work for them afterwards. I think if I'd applied for a job with them, I wouldn't have got it because I didn't have the experience, but I got on well with the boss when I met him and it worked out. Are there any companies near you you could try? Offer to work for free for a bit and see what happens. It's better than just taking a voluntary post which has been advertised and they might be impressed by your courage and commitment. As I said, sorry if this isn't helpful but I know everyone in the FX Society is on your side. Good luck :) Alison.

  2. Thank you for your comment it's nice to hear from others who are or have been in the same boat. I do take all the advice and support I can get I really do try my best and I wish it was easy but it's not :(. I've contacted places in the past when I was on Shaw Trust but it didn't really take off but I might see if I can try again. I'm really grateful for the FX facebook page I just hope to post good news one day here's hoping! :) and thank you it's much appreciated :) xxx

  3. It's not easy at all you're right, and it's a really difficult time in an unstable economy. Don't ever blame yourself as you're obviously a bright and talented individual. When I wasn't working I kept busy, tried to keep learning and had loads of hobbies (baking, sewing, writing, walking). I always tried to remind myself that plenty of people in work would love to have free time for hobbies. It won't always be like this so fill your time with things you love and you might even remember this time with fondness! Stay in touch x

    1. Thank you that means a lot!. I really am trying my best and I just want some luck.I do try to keep busy with things such as my blog but I do get bored quite easily :( I know I have to cherish my free time before the fun starts! I just find it hard to find things to do each day Sundays are my worst :(.