Monday, 14 November 2016

Interviews Are SO Hard These Days

These days interviews are so hard for such simple jobs it seems so ridiculous and I don't get it? I can do these jobs even a monkey could do it but they make them seem so complicated. The questions are also stupid they seem to make them just as complicated so I get stuck answering them =/.

When you apply for a job they have a long description etc and it's just stupid why do jobs have to be like that? it's not hard to use a till,talk to customers,put stock out etc so why won't someone employ me?. Jobs these days want you to have 10 or more years experience and that's so impossible when no one will give me a chance EVERYONE HAS TO START SOMEWHERE.

Everyone has to start somewhere so what makes me any different? I know I'm not the most outgoing person or the most confident but I'm still me and I can still do things.Having Fragile X makes things harder for me but I'm still capable of doing a job even if it takes me a while to pick it up.

I really do try my best at finding a job and it hasn't been easy at all but I am remaining positive about it and hoping something comes along. All I want is a chance and some luck because I really do deserve that. I want to work and achieve something and be successful in life. I do think I must be doing something right if I can get interviews so my CV must be good but then I either hear nothing or get a no in fact I heard nothing back from my last 2 interviews rude much.

I do have a lot of support around me which I am grateful for my parents,my volunteering friends,the people from the Fragile X Facebook page,my work choice advisor and I guess my jobcentre advisor though I don't think she's that helpful they never are in there. I think she gets it in the ear to get me a job but I can't do anymore than what I'm already doing I'm trying my damn hardest here if someone gave me chance that would be great.
Thanks for reading.

I hope to be back with good news soon (I say that a lot)


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