Monday, 21 November 2016

6 Years Volunteering At East Anglia's Children's Hospice Charity Shop

I didn't think I'd be writing this post let alone the 5 year one I wrote last year but here I am again writing that I've been volunteering for 6 years now! I can't believe I've been there for so long I even have a nickname which is Bob!.

So I started volunteering back in November 2010 (the 21st) and it's made a huge difference to me with confidence and shyness having Fragile X makes things harder for me but I've definitely come out my shell since being there. It wasn't my plan to be there this long I guess I thought I'd be there for a few months or a year tops but finding a job hasn't been easy at all. I don't know what I'd be doing if I hadn't of gone? would I have a job? who knows but I think it was a good thing that I started.

I just hope my luck changes in 2017 and things get better.

Halloween 2014 with my witchy friend.
Sue,Me, (not there anymore) and Dawn (in green).
I am grateful for all the people I've met who've been there trough the tough times my break up, losing my Grandad and most recently my cat Puddy (this year) and for also rooting for me to get a job they also cheer me up when I'm down. We have a good laugh there it's always fun they are great people to work with and I'm glad I started volunteering.

I do the mornings now I fancied a change from doing all day but really I hope a job comes along soon. I work on Monday mornings with Brad (Boss) Dawn we sort the bric a brac, I also see Pat and his dad Terry. On Friday mornings I work with Brad, Hazel (she's the oldest volunteer but always makes us laugh),Joann and Terry. I sometimes see other the volunteers June, Marion, Cindy and the Wednesday staff who are Vera, Anne and Sue I sometimes see Vera.

I will finish by saying that taking up volunteering was probably the best thing I've done well so far but getting a job will be good too! I will try and still go to volunteering because I know I'll miss it and I'm sure I'll be missed too! (I hope!).
Halloween again 2014 Me,Joann and Sue
Lol trying on wigs!
LOL when I photobomb Brad!.
Brad (boss) and Me at Christmas 2014.
Photobombed again! such fun!.
Me selling the cheeza t-shirts/jumpers.
Cheeza jumper someone made them but donated them to us! I'm not sure what cheeza means and I'm not sure why I posed like that?!?.
Halloween 2014 Me and Brad.
When I wore a big wedding dress!.

Thanks for reading.

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