Wednesday, 12 October 2016

NEW Lush Purchases

I recently went to lush at Westfield Stratford in London and also the Colchester store I didn't mean to get so much but there's so many things I wanted. I really couldn't resit but I probably won't go for a while now so it's all good so I thought I'd do a different post instead of reviews and just run through what I got.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel-THE BEST EVER! I absolutely love this I'm a huge fan of sweet things so this is right up my street. I got 100g for £3.95 I know it's a lot but it does last for ages.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner- I saw this in a YouTuber's video and just had to have it even with the very high price tag of £7.95 :O for 100g. I really wanted to try something new so I treated myself to this again it's the same scent as the shower gel but in a conditioner form I just can't wait to use it. I will make this last because it was the most expensive item I got oops.

Rose Jam Shower Gel- Ah this is also one of my other go to shower gels it smells amazing and I always have to get it when comes out for Christmas. This one isn't as sweet as snow fairy if you're not a sweet fan but it smells of Turkish roses absolute which is to die for!.This cost £4.95 for 100g.

Candy Mountain Bubblebar- It's pink and a mountain and smells of candyfloss need I say more. It cost £2.95.

Shoot To The Stars Bathbomb- I've had this one before but they've changed how it looks which I like and I liked how it was before too. I love the blue and the gold stars stuck into it and it cost £4.25.

Autumn Leaf Bathbomb- I love this one because it's a leaf and I love autumn so it's perfect for this time of year.

Northern Lights Bathbomb- I like the purple and the blue and orange at each end make it stand out. I'm excited to use this one it looks so good!.

Luxury Lush Pud Bathbomb- It's a Christmas pudding! haha well sort of I just love the colours and it smells so good I get this one every year from the Christmas collection.

 Thanks for reading.

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