Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Career So Far

Job hunting hasn't been easy for me since I left school  but I thought I would update this post. I've struggled a lot but I do hope things get better soon. It is hard trying to find a job when you don't match what they're looking for.

I first went to college in 2007 after I left school to do a employment course lol look how that turned out. Then after that finished I did a computer course which I liked but then obviously that ended and ever since then I've pretty much been on jobseekers in between my whole 2 xmas jobs. 

I then got sent to Mencap who got me my volunteering job in November 2010 and didn't expect to still be there (7 years later!) it wasn't my plan to be there so long but things didn't go how I thought but being there has helped me in many ways with shyness and confidence. I do feel that I should be on to other things now but sadly I'm not. I then got sent on a course that got me my Xmas job at Sainsbury's then that ended and I was back to square one again. Soon after that things slowed down a lot and I don't think I made much effort to look for a job. Nothing really happened from then on I was still looking but I don't think as much as I should've been but it was hard and well it still is.

I started making more of an effort to look for work and got more motivated to do so I tried my best and had a few interviews here and there but nothing came out of them. Then another year came by and I was still unemployed I say it every year it will be my year I get a job it never happens.
In November 2015 I got another xmas (oh the joy) at M&S in Chelmsford not my ideal place but it was a job well a temp one. Anyway I did that and then it ended on Boxing day I enjoyed it and gained more experience. Ever since then I've been applying for jobs and have had interview after interview but haven't got anywhere after them.

I was at B&M from February to September with Shaw trust and then from September to December I was employed by B&M. I did like it having a job and earning money but I didn't really like the place much. I didn't really make friends and no one really talked to me. Ever since that ended I've been looking for a job and I've only had 2 interviews. I am struggling and the jobcentre aren't helpful at all and keep suggesting jobs that aren't suitable.

Thanks for reading.

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