Job Update

 I rarely do life/job updates because well nothing happens and I've nothing to write about but I thought maybe it was time so here I am with an update.

Things have slowed down a bit now I am still unfortunately looking for a job *sad face* why do things have to be this way? :(.My last rejection was last week for baldwins department store coming to Halstead I got an email with a letter that I had to download the cheek!. I just sat and cried and thought now what? am I ever going to get a job? is this how my life is meant to be?. I am still looking but I haven't applied for anything lately because I can't find bugger all and plus it makes it harder when you need a car or some sort of experience but how can I get any if no one will employ me?.

I feel so disappointed because I don't understand why I can't get a job? why me? why won't someone employ me? I didn't want things to go this way at all I just want to be successful and to be given a chance. I am aware I'm not the only one in this position and it's hard for everyone but I really am fed up with it the same old things it's ridiculous now!. Everyone just keeps saying something will come along and don't give up I don't mind hearing that sometimes but it does get tedious and annoying when you feel so down and fed up.

In my time I've only had 2 Xmas jobs and been volunteering for nearly 6 years now which isn't a bad thing but I thought I'd have had or be in a permanent job by now but no it's not happened. Xmas jobs are ok until they end and you're no longer needed it's just thanks but no thanks. I have no idea where things are gonna go but I guess I just gotta keep going and believe that something will come along eventually.

I had been thinking of doing something else but then I don't know what? I would like to grow my blog and make something from it but I wouldn't know how to go about that if anyone can help get in touch. To be honest I'm just stuck and I've no clue what to do anymore all I want is a job,to learn,to have opportunities and achieve something.

I do try to enjoy the time I have but sometimes it gets very boring because I have sooo much of it it's hard to find things to do all the time day in day out. I go volunteering 2 days a week,I go to the jobcentre every 2 weeks and then the other days are mostly filled with blogging (if I have ideas) watching tv series,tidying etc but there's only so much of it you can do.

Thanks for reading.

PS if anyone wants to employ me please get in touch!.