Saturday, 22 October 2016

Fragile X Awkwardness

Having Fragile X comes with it's difficulties feeling awkward is one of them well for me anyway I thought I would share where I feel out of place and awkward.

 If you relate to any of this post then please leave a comment and I'll reply :).

Posh Restaurants/Out My Comfort Zone.
Going to these sort of places or places you have to wear fancy clothes such as Jamie's Italian I feel so out of place,very awkward and uncomfortable. These places aren't for me and I always dread going because I feel like I'm being judged. When I went for afternoon tea at the Barn Brasserie I didn't really enjoy it because I'm not posh and I felt so awkward and out my comfort zone.

When I go into a clothes shop where there's girl assistants (who wear way too much makeup) I feel like I'm being judged whether I buy something or not and I feel so out of place like I'm not meant to be there.They keep looking at me and I feel uneasy being in there or when I pay for something I feel like that.

Parties My Worst Nightmare/Pubs/Clubs.
I've never been into parties or sitting in the pub for that matter they've never been my thing and I try to avoid them as much as possible. I feel out of place and because I don't drink I always feel like people are judging me. I really don't like being around people who do drink I'm not the most sociable person anyway so parties aren't my thing and I very rarely get invited to any which is fine by me!.

Meeting New People.
I've never been a good at this but I have improved since volunteering and having Xmas jobs but overall I sometimes still find it hard meeting people. I'm quite shy and withdrawn so I tend to not say a lot or I fiddle with my hands or bite my nails (which I haven't in a while since getting them done professionally).

Thanks for reading.

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