Sunday, 23 October 2016

Believing In Myself

It does get hard sometimes to believe that I will get a job and things will start to pick up for me because it's been so long and I feel like things are never gonna happen. I've never had a permanent job before only 2 Xmas ones it just seems so unfair watching everyone else get job after job and achieving this,that and the other and I feel so behind on things.

I really do try to believe there is a job out there but it's hard when I constantly get job rejections all the time I just want a chance and some luck is that too much too ask for?. I want to have opportunities,do well in life and be able to be successful at things like everyone else. I try my absolute hardest to find a job,I look everyday,apply for as many jobs as possible sometimes I get interviews but other times I get a no or no reply at all and that annoys me so much.

I am aware there's others in the same boat but some don't even bother looking for a job but I am so desperate for one because I want to get skills,learn,meet new people and achieve things I can be proud of. I want to say I got to where I want to be by never giving up and believing in myself that things are possible if you put in 100% time,effort and work your damn hardest.

I just need to be given a chance and lots of luck sent my way! that's all I want a chance to prove myself that I CAN do things and I make a good employee. I sometimes wonder who these companies take on instead of me and if they realise they took on the wrong one and should have picked me instead but then I think it's their loss they'll be advertising again soon!.

I am more or less happy at the moment but I'd be a lot more happier if I got a job so really hoping that happens very soon fingers and toes crossed!. I hope to be back soon with a I've got a job post I keep hoping I can write that pretty soon.
Thanks for reading.

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