Friday, 7 October 2016

Autumn Ankle Boots

I'd never been into ankle boots until now so when I saw this pair in Tesco yes Tesco!
I just had to have them and for only £20 you can't go wrong! such a bargain if you're on a budget. Supermarkets do get some really nice things in so be sure to check them out I'm glad I got these boots because I've never owned a pair of ankle boots before and I have always thought about getting some.

Now that it's autumn I thought I should change my style a bit and be more daring with fashion by trying to wear other colours such as burgundy,browns and mustard. I love the brown leather,the gold buckle and the brown straps around the top I'm glad I got brown ones instead of black because brown is the perfect autumn colour. I love this time of year for fashion,cosy nights,movies,hot chocolate and also jumpers/hoodies my absolute go to items. I plan to wear them with jeans,skirts and dresses I recently picked up a skirt also from Tesco (funnily enough!) which will be great with these boots.

I like going to autumn walks and these boots will be great for that then I can pick up conkers! and fur cones as you do. They will also be great for shopping trips,days out and smart events as well as casual ones. I got mine in a size 5 and to be honest they are hard to get on but I think they will loosen over time I don't think buying a bigger size will help.

Thanks for reading.

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