Saturday, 22 October 2016

A To Z About Me

Want to get to know me more? Then read on!.

Autumn love this time of year for ankle boots,cosy nights and checked shirts.

Bob my nickname at volunteering.

Cats I love cats! #crazycatlady.

Dentists MY WORST NIGHTMARE! also I'm not a fan of dogs.

Eggs I love eggs fried,boiled,poached,hard boiled I just love EGGS and the sweet kind of course!.

Fragile X Syndrome (my learning disability)

George of the jungle a all time classic film. 

Headphones I always have them with me when I'm out I can't be without my music.

Instagram addict I love posting pictures of cats, fashion, food, beauty (I'm sarahbobbeal if you want to follow me)

JoJo my absolute all time favourite singer.

Kind I like to think I am!.

Lush! such a huge fan always buying bath bombs /bubble bars. Did you know there was a time I didn't go in there :O.

Music makes everything better I can't be without my music.

Notebooks I don't even know why I buy so many I never know what to write in them.

Opportunity taker I try to take most opportunities that come my way.

Pepsi addict I drink far too much of this stuff.

Quiet but once you get to know me I never shut up!.

Red one of my fave colours.

Sweets! I eat far too many.

TV series I watch the same ones over and over such as the big bang theory/charmed.

Unemployed :( it very much sucks A LOT someone employ me! please

Volunteering for 5 years they still can't get rid off me haha.

Weird lol in a good way!.

Xcited. (X is difficult lol.)

Young lol obvs.

Zesty the only appropriate word I could think of that makes sense!.

Thanks for reading.

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