Monday, 3 October 2016

50 Ways To Fill Yourtime

1.Start a blog.

2.Go for a walk,run,jog any form of exercise.

3.Write a story/poem.

4.Give yourself a makeover.

5.Pamper yourself.

6.Tidy your room organise your wardrobe and take unwanted things to charity.

7.Sort out your makeup.

8.Bake a cake or cookies.

9.Watch a whole TV series.

10.Go round all the charity shops near you,you never know what you might find!.

11.Write stories/poems.

12. Go see a friend you haven't seen in ages.

13.Paint your nails.

14.Get off social media.

15.Try on all your clothes and experiment with fashion.

16.Take photos.

17.Re-arrange your room.

18.Spend time with your family.

19. Take your dog out (if you have one)

20.Spend time with your cat/dog.

21.Make a playlist of your favourite old school/cheesy songs and dance around!.

22.Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while.

23.Write a letter.

24.Download some new apps for your phone.


26.Be creative.

27.Make a mood/pin board of quotes,pictures etc.

28.Clean your makeup brushes.

29.Make a recipe book.

30.Volunteer in a charity shop not only will you meet people,you'll find bargains too!.

31.Do a good deed for someone.

32.Watch a new TV series.

33.Watch a film you've not seen in ages.

34.Do some cooking.

35.Visit your grandparents.

36.Make something such as bath bombs or bath salts.

37.Join a club such as dance,singing,art.

38.Watch YouTube.

39.Learn a new language.

40.Listen to a new music artist.

41.Follow positive/inspirational instagram/twitter accounts.

42.Plan a trip.

43.Start a diary

44.Try a different make up look.

45.Wear something you wouldn't normally wear.

46. Unfollow twitter/instagram accounts.

47.Do something out of your comfort zone.

48.Get off social media.

49.Make pinterest boards

50.Change your bedding.

Thanks for reading.

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