Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I only wrote my post on reaching 10,000 views in March this year and here I am writing that I've reached 20,000 in October I can't believe it!, I am so happy and excited that I got to 20,000 my blog doesn't get a lot of comments but I guess there's a lot of silent readers?so if you're one be sure to leave a comment I will reply!. I just wanted to thank you to those who read my blog I am so glad you like it (I hope you do!) and the content I post if anyone has posts they want to see let me know!.

While I don't have many followers on my blog either but nor do I have many on social media though I would love to grow them one day. I'm glad I made my blog because I enjoy sharing,planning,and writing posts it has helped me in the long run and also I'm happy it's helped others with Fragile X as well as me. I never thought I'd get to 10,000 views let alone 20,000 it's just amazing and I'm so happy!.

I take inspiration from other bloggers mostly Brogan Tate and Grace Victory those two are my all time favourites and I hope to be as successful as they are one day here's hoping!. My blog has improved since I began well I'm still learning things but I like it the way it is maybe I'll revamp it next year!. I hope to grow my blog in 2017 so it's even better! I plan to work on posting different kinds of content and improving my photos as well.

That's all for this post I hope you liked it


  1. Congratulations! I do read your blog, it's interesting to hear the views of a young person with Fragile X, my daughter is 9 and a carrier, although she is mildly affected by it. You write about what you know, which is the best kind of writing :)

  2. Thank you! :D glad you read my blog :) aw bless her I'm happy that I started sharing my experiences and issues with Fragile X I like to know I'm helping others as well as me it's nice to know I'm not alone.


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