Wednesday, 26 October 2016

15 Pet Peeves

I was lacking post ideas until this one came to me when I couldn't sleep last night about my pet peeves if you relate leave a comment.

1.Those stupid chain messages that people send on Facebook just no, it also goes with those statues that people are so gullible to share even though they're utter nonsense.

2.When buses are late or don't even turn up this is when I wish I had a job to afford a car.

3.People who are late.

4.Slow walkers seriously hurry up!.

5.People who have really bad grammar.

6.Gum chewers.

7.Smokers yucky yucky yucky it's especially annoying when people smoke next to me PLEASE GO AWAY! I don't want your second hand smoke.

8.Bad manners it doesn't take much to say please/thank you.

9.When you wear glasses and it rains when you're out and you can't see bugger all.

10.People who talk loud on the phone just shut up!.

11.Slow texters.

12.The word bae what does that even mean?!?

13.Not hearing back from jobs.

14.When people say their brows are on fleek such a dumb word.

15.Bloggers/YouTubers who ignore their fans but somehow respond to bigger YouTubers. This has happened to me a few times most recently I sent an email to a blogger but didn't get a response.

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