Tuesday, 18 October 2016

12 Ways To Turning Things Around

Life isn't always easy we all face issues we don't want or can't control whether that be looking for employment, relationships, parents divorcing /other family issues but we all have them and find different ways of dealing with them. Though we can either go about changing them and deal with our them or just sit on the bench but in reality they'll still be there.

The point of this post is to find ways to turn things around to get rid off the bad and focus on the good things in life. I haven't really got a bad life and I try to be positive most of the time but being unemployed is probably the hardest as well as dealing with losing family members, heartbreak, money well lack of it!,guys all these things bring us down in some ways but we can overcome them and turn them into positives.

I've been unemployed for a while now I had a Xmas job last year at M&S and one in 2011 but I've never had permanent employment which obviously wasn't my plan at all but things haven't gone the way I wanted. I didn't think I would be in this situation but I am and it's pretty disheartening and lately I've been really down about it and I'm really wondering what's going to happen?.

I do try my damn hardest to find a job, I look everyday, apply for as many as possible but I get nothing and I just don't understand? I either get a reply which is normally a no or I don't get a reply at all which I find SO RUDE or the odd interview but even after that it's still a no. Every unsuccessful email is just disappointing because I feel like why can't I get a job? why does this have to happen to me?

Here are my 12 top tips to turning things around.

1.Acknowledging The Issues.
By acknowledging what the problems are/ is you're one step further to solving it so if you write things down and go through them one by one and look for ways to fixing what needs fixing things will soon get better.

2.Talk About It.
Talk to family such as your mum, dad, sister or your best friend talking really does help it's always good to rant/let things out. Talking about anything other than the problem also takes your mind off it for a while so get talking!.

Music always helps to make me feel better and I normally make a playlist of feel good happy songs on my phone and instantly feel better about myself I like Little Mix, JoJo and some Disney is always good!. So Make a playlist of your favourite happy songs on iTunes, spotify or YouTube and start listening, singing or dancing whatever you like!.

4.Write Lists.
Write a list of all the good, positive and happy things in your life you'll soon start to realise that things aren't all bad and your life is pretty good.

5.Get Outside!.
Go for a walk, run, jog anything just get outside and get some fresh air this is when I wish I lived near a beach or in the countryside but I have to make do with the park or walking around the block.

6.Watch Your Favourite Tv Series.
Mine are the Big Bang Theory, Charmed and Sabrina the teenage witch I've over watched them billions of times and they never get old!. I also like watching YouTube my favourite channels are Brogan Tate, Grace Victory and the Michalaks. I instantly feel better about myself after watching these huge pick me up.

I love to bake I feel happy (if things go well!) I like to bake brownies my go to recipe is from the Hummingbird cookbook, I also like flapjacks, gingerbread and sticky toffee pudding!.

8.Find Your Happy Place.
I'm sure everyone has a happy place mine is probably home or if I lived near the beach then it would probably be that. I feel most happy when I'm home in the warm and watching my fave TV shows. Go to yours to think about things, write them down and reflect on them.

9.No Negativity.
I stay away from negativity and negative people as much as possible because that sure doesn't help and no one wants that in there life or people who constantly bring you down. I unfollow anyone on social media who is like that I don't want to see it bye!.

10.Keep Busy.
Being unemployed has is disadvantages such as having too much time but I try to keep busy with blogging or I tidy up but there's only so much tidying you can do!. I do find having all this time hard but I'm making the most of it because I might not have any soon. So if you're looking for a job try to keep as busy as possible I suggest taking up volunteering in a charity shop 1 or 2 days a week will help you'll get out the house and meet people at the same time.

11.Take A Break.
Take time our from things and relax take a nice long bath with your go to Lush product (if you're a fan) or your favourite bubble bath and just take the time to relax and de-stress. Read a book or a magazine or listen to music quietly.

12.Don't Compare Yourself.
I am guilty of this since I began my blog I compare mine to others and always feel like mine is rubbish but comparing myself/my blog to others is just pointless and doesn't solve anything. Tell yourself that you're YOU and you are capable of anything. Find a positive quote on pinterest and put it as your phone wallpaper so you can see it everyday to remind you to stay positive.

I hope these tips help in some ways.

Thanks for reading.

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