Thursday, 27 October 2016

My Career So Far

Job hunting hasn't been easy for me since I left school  but I thought I would update this post. I've struggled a lot but I do hope things get better soon. It is hard trying to find a job when you don't match what they're looking for.

I first went to college in 2007 after I left school to do a employment course lol look how that turned out. Then after that finished I did a computer course which I liked but then obviously that ended and ever since then I've pretty much been on jobseekers in between my whole 2 xmas jobs. 

I then got sent to Mencap who got me my volunteering job in November 2010 and didn't expect to still be there (7 years later!) it wasn't my plan to be there so long but things didn't go how I thought but being there has helped me in many ways with shyness and confidence. I do feel that I should be on to other things now but sadly I'm not. I then got sent on a course that got me my Xmas job at Sainsbury's then that ended and I was back to square one again. Soon after that things slowed down a lot and I don't think I made much effort to look for a job. Nothing really happened from then on I was still looking but I don't think as much as I should've been but it was hard and well it still is.

I started making more of an effort to look for work and got more motivated to do so I tried my best and had a few interviews here and there but nothing came out of them. Then another year came by and I was still unemployed I say it every year it will be my year I get a job it never happens.
In November 2015 I got another xmas (oh the joy) at M&S in Chelmsford not my ideal place but it was a job well a temp one. Anyway I did that and then it ended on Boxing day I enjoyed it and gained more experience. Ever since then I've been applying for jobs and have had interview after interview but haven't got anywhere after them.

I was at B&M from February to September with Shaw trust and then from September to December I was employed by B&M. I did like it having a job and earning money but I didn't really like the place much. I didn't really make friends and no one really talked to me. Ever since that ended I've been looking for a job and I've only had 2 interviews. I am struggling and the jobcentre aren't helpful at all and keep suggesting jobs that aren't suitable.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

15 Pet Peeves

I was lacking post ideas until this one came to me when I couldn't sleep last night about my pet peeves if you relate leave a comment.

1.Those stupid chain messages that people send on Facebook just no, it also goes with those statues that people are so gullible to share even though they're utter nonsense.

2.When buses are late or don't even turn up this is when I wish I had a job to afford a car.

3.People who are late.

4.Slow walkers seriously hurry up!.

5.People who have really bad grammar.

6.Gum chewers.

7.Smokers yucky yucky yucky it's especially annoying when people smoke next to me PLEASE GO AWAY! I don't want your second hand smoke.

8.Bad manners it doesn't take much to say please/thank you.

9.When you wear glasses and it rains when you're out and you can't see bugger all.

10.People who talk loud on the phone just shut up!.

11.Slow texters.

12.The word bae what does that even mean?!?

13.Not hearing back from jobs.

14.When people say their brows are on fleek such a dumb word.

15.Bloggers/YouTubers who ignore their fans but somehow respond to bigger YouTubers. This has happened to me a few times most recently I sent an email to a blogger but didn't get a response.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

4 Fragile X Struggles

This idea came to me last night about my struggles with having Fragile X so I thought I'd share what mine are and how they affect me. If you relate to any then be sure to leave a comment or tweet me @sarahbobbeal I'd love to hear!. If you don't have twitter you can find me on my Facebook page sarahbobsblog.

Maths Just No.
This has always been a struggle of mine since primary school,secondary school to college I hate it and I know I'll never be good at it but it doesn't really bother me now. I had loads of trouble with it I got help with it but I still didn't make any difference I still don't understand it.

Explaining What Fragile X Actually Is.
I do find this hard sometimes but I am getting better since I began writing about it in my blog I'm getting more aware of what it is. I don't understand it all as there's a lot more to it and it gets quite complicated plus most people haven't even heard of it so that makes it more difficult.

Meeting People.
I have got better at this but sometimes it's still a struggle for me when I meet new people it's not always easy to strike up a conversation straight away. I'm not the most outgoing girl anyway so that makes it harder too but since being at volunteering I have gained a lot more confidence and I talk to people more which I never used to.

These are difficult end of I hate them I've always found them hard especially when meeting someone for the first time. I never know what to wear most of the time I feel over dressed when the interviewer is wearing jeans.I also get my words muddled up and find it difficult answering questions and giving eye contact.
Thanks for reading.

16 Unemployment Hates

I've been unemployed since last year after my Xmas job at M&S but if I hadn't of got that job it would be about 4/5 years by now I think?!. Anyway I thought I'd share some hates about being unemployed.

1.Boredom and having lots of free time it's ok at first but after a while there's only so much you can do in a day.

2.If like me you live at home where everyone has a job and wakes you up in the morning with the tv/talking/hair dryers etc (I swear they get joy out that).

3.Money is tight.

4.Going to the jobcentre every 2 weeks is a huge waste of time.

5.Everyday is the same and weekends aren't much different to the week days.

6.You eat because you're bored of being bored.

7.I don't know about you but I'm sick of hearing don't give/something will come along.

8.When you have time to go places but your friends are at work.

9.Getting annoyed with everyone else's success.

10.When people ask what you are doing today? NOTHING! there's nothing to do!.

11. You spend hours online job hunting to find nothing to apply for urghhh.

12.You find a job to apply for but need a car,a degree and at least 10+ years experience WHY???? how am I meant to get experience if I can't get a damn job? how do all these other people get a job???

13.When a simple job has long ass detailed description that even a monkey to do.

14.Job rejections with no real explanation or feedback to know where you went wrong.

15.Getting no reply at all SO RUDE.

16.Getting annoyed when people who already have a job want another one just no you already have one.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

A To Z About Me

Want to get to know me more? Then read on!.

Autumn love this time of year for ankle boots,cosy nights and checked shirts.

Bob my nickname at volunteering.

Cats I love cats! #crazycatlady.

Dentists MY WORST NIGHTMARE! also I'm not a fan of dogs.

Eggs I love eggs fried,boiled,poached,hard boiled I just love EGGS and the sweet kind of course!.

Fragile X Syndrome (my learning disability)

George of the jungle one of my favourite films.

Headphones I always have them with me when I'm out I can't be without my music.

Instagram addict I love posting pictures of my cat, fashion, food, beauty (I'm sarahbobbeal if you want to follow me)

JoJo my absolute all time favourite singer.

Kind I like to think I am!.

Lush! such a huge fan always buying bath bombs /bubble bars. Did you know there was a time I didn't go in there :O.

Music makes everything better I can't be without my music.

Notebooks I don't even know why I buy so many I never know what to write in them.

Opportunity taker I try to take most opportunities that come my way.

Pepsi addict I drink far too much of this stuff.

Quiet but once you get to know me I never shut up!.

Red one of my fave colours.

Sweets! I eat far too many.

TV series I watch the same ones over and over such as the big bang theory/charmed.


Volunteering for 7 years they still can't get rid off me haha.

Weird lol in a good way!.

Xcited. (X is difficult lol.)

Young lol obvs.

Zesty the only appropriate word I could think of that makes sense!.

Thanks for reading.

Fragile X Awkwardness

Having Fragile X comes with it's difficulties feeling awkward is one of them well for me anyway I thought I would share where I feel out of place and awkward.

 If you relate to any of this post then please leave a comment and I'll reply :).

Posh Restaurants/Out My Comfort Zone.
Going to these sort of places or places you have to wear fancy clothes such as Jamie's Italian I feel so out of place,very awkward and uncomfortable. These places aren't for me and I always dread going because I feel like I'm being judged. When I went for afternoon tea at the Barn Brasserie I didn't really enjoy it because I'm not posh and I felt so awkward and out my comfort zone.

When I go into a clothes shop where there's girl assistants (who wear way too much makeup) I feel like I'm being judged whether I buy something or not and I feel so out of place like I'm not meant to be there.They keep looking at me and I feel uneasy being in there or when I pay for something I feel like that.

Parties My Worst Nightmare/Pubs/Clubs.
I've never been into parties or sitting in the pub for that matter they've never been my thing and I try to avoid them as much as possible. I feel out of place and because I don't drink I always feel like people are judging me. I really don't like being around people who do drink I'm not the most sociable person anyway so parties aren't my thing and I very rarely get invited to any which is fine by me!.

Meeting New People.
I've never been a good at this but I have improved since volunteering and having Xmas jobs but overall I sometimes still find it hard meeting people. I'm quite shy and withdrawn so I tend to not say a lot or I fiddle with my hands or bite my nails (which I haven't in a while since getting them done professionally).

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016


I only wrote my post on reaching 10,000 views in March this year and here I am writing that I've reached 20,000 in October I can't believe it!, I am so happy and excited that I got to 20,000 my blog doesn't get a lot of comments but I guess there's a lot of silent readers?so if you're one be sure to leave a comment I will reply!. I just wanted to thank you to those who read my blog I am so glad you like it (I hope you do!) and the content I post if anyone has posts they want to see let me know!.

While I don't have many followers on my blog either but nor do I have many on social media though I would love to grow them one day. I'm glad I made my blog because I enjoy sharing,planning,and writing posts it has helped me in the long run and also I'm happy it's helped others with Fragile X as well as me. I never thought I'd get to 10,000 views let alone 20,000 it's just amazing and I'm so happy!.

I take inspiration from other bloggers mostly Brogan Tate and Grace Victory those two are my all time favourites and I hope to be as successful as they are one day here's hoping!. My blog has improved since I began well I'm still learning things but I like it the way it is maybe I'll revamp it next year!. I hope to grow my blog in 2017 so it's even better! I plan to work on posting different kinds of content and improving my photos as well.

That's all for this post I hope you liked it

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

12 Ways To Turning Things Around

Life isn't always easy we all face issues we don't want or can't control whether that be looking for employment, relationships, parents divorcing /other family issues but we all have them and find different ways of dealing with them. Though we can either go about changing them and deal with our them or just sit on the bench but in reality they'll still be there.

The point of this post is to find ways to turn things around to get rid off the bad and focus on the good things in life. I haven't really got a bad life and I try to be positive most of the time but being unemployed is probably the hardest as well as dealing with losing family members, heartbreak, money well lack of it!,guys all these things bring us down in some ways but we can overcome them and turn them into positives.

I've been unemployed for a while now I had a Xmas job last year at M&S and one in 2011 but I've never had permanent employment which obviously wasn't my plan at all but things haven't gone the way I wanted. I didn't think I would be in this situation but I am and it's pretty disheartening and lately I've been really down about it and I'm really wondering what's going to happen?.

I do try my damn hardest to find a job, I look everyday, apply for as many as possible but I get nothing and I just don't understand? I either get a reply which is normally a no or I don't get a reply at all which I find SO RUDE or the odd interview but even after that it's still a no. Every unsuccessful email is just disappointing because I feel like why can't I get a job? why does this have to happen to me?

Here are my 12 top tips to turning things around.

1.Acknowledging The Issues.
By acknowledging what the problems are/ is you're one step further to solving it so if you write things down and go through them one by one and look for ways to fixing what needs fixing things will soon get better.

2.Talk About It.
Talk to family such as your mum, dad, sister or your best friend talking really does help it's always good to rant/let things out. Talking about anything other than the problem also takes your mind off it for a while so get talking!.

Music always helps to make me feel better and I normally make a playlist of feel good happy songs on my phone and instantly feel better about myself I like Little Mix, JoJo and some Disney is always good!. So Make a playlist of your favourite happy songs on iTunes, spotify or YouTube and start listening, singing or dancing whatever you like!.

4.Write Lists.
Write a list of all the good, positive and happy things in your life you'll soon start to realise that things aren't all bad and your life is pretty good.

5.Get Outside!.
Go for a walk, run, jog anything just get outside and get some fresh air this is when I wish I lived near a beach or in the countryside but I have to make do with the park or walking around the block.

6.Watch Your Favourite Tv Series.
Mine are the Big Bang Theory, Charmed and Sabrina the teenage witch I've over watched them billions of times and they never get old!. I also like watching YouTube my favourite channels are Brogan Tate, Grace Victory and the Michalaks. I instantly feel better about myself after watching these huge pick me up.

I love to bake I feel happy (if things go well!) I like to bake brownies my go to recipe is from the Hummingbird cookbook, I also like flapjacks, gingerbread and sticky toffee pudding!.

8.Find Your Happy Place.
I'm sure everyone has a happy place mine is probably home or if I lived near the beach then it would probably be that. I feel most happy when I'm home in the warm and watching my fave TV shows. Go to yours to think about things, write them down and reflect on them.

9.No Negativity.
I stay away from negativity and negative people as much as possible because that sure doesn't help and no one wants that in there life or people who constantly bring you down. I unfollow anyone on social media who is like that I don't want to see it bye!.

10.Keep Busy.
Being unemployed has is disadvantages such as having too much time but I try to keep busy with blogging or I tidy up but there's only so much tidying you can do!. I do find having all this time hard but I'm making the most of it because I might not have any soon. So if you're looking for a job try to keep as busy as possible I suggest taking up volunteering in a charity shop 1 or 2 days a week will help you'll get out the house and meet people at the same time.

11.Take A Break.
Take time our from things and relax take a nice long bath with your go to Lush product (if you're a fan) or your favourite bubble bath and just take the time to relax and de-stress. Read a book or a magazine or listen to music quietly.

12.Don't Compare Yourself.
I am guilty of this since I began my blog I compare mine to others and always feel like mine is rubbish but comparing myself/my blog to others is just pointless and doesn't solve anything. Tell yourself that you're YOU and you are capable of anything. Find a positive quote on pinterest and put it as your phone wallpaper so you can see it everyday to remind you to stay positive.

I hope these tips help in some ways.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Job Update

 I rarely do life/job updates because well nothing happens and I've nothing to write about but I thought maybe it was time so here I am with an update.

Things have slowed down a bit now I am still unfortunately looking for a job *sad face* why do things have to be this way? :(.My last rejection was last week for baldwins department store coming to Halstead I got an email with a letter that I had to download the cheek!. I just sat and cried and thought now what? am I ever going to get a job? is this how my life is meant to be?. I am still looking but I haven't applied for anything lately because I can't find bugger all and plus it makes it harder when you need a car or some sort of experience but how can I get any if no one will employ me?.

I feel so disappointed because I don't understand why I can't get a job? why me? why won't someone employ me? I didn't want things to go this way at all I just want to be successful and to be given a chance. I am aware I'm not the only one in this position and it's hard for everyone but I really am fed up with it the same old things it's ridiculous now!. Everyone just keeps saying something will come along and don't give up I don't mind hearing that sometimes but it does get tedious and annoying when you feel so down and fed up.

In my time I've only had 2 Xmas jobs and been volunteering for nearly 6 years now which isn't a bad thing but I thought I'd have had or be in a permanent job by now but no it's not happened. Xmas jobs are ok until they end and you're no longer needed it's just thanks but no thanks. I have no idea where things are gonna go but I guess I just gotta keep going and believe that something will come along eventually.

I had been thinking of doing something else but then I don't know what? I would like to grow my blog and make something from it but I wouldn't know how to go about that if anyone can help get in touch. To be honest I'm just stuck and I've no clue what to do anymore all I want is a job,to learn,to have opportunities and achieve something.

I do try to enjoy the time I have but sometimes it gets very boring because I have sooo much of it it's hard to find things to do all the time day in day out. I go volunteering 2 days a week,I go to the jobcentre every 2 weeks and then the other days are mostly filled with blogging (if I have ideas) watching tv series,tidying etc but there's only so much of it you can do.

Thanks for reading.

PS if anyone wants to employ me please get in touch!.

Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Tips For Achieving Your Goals

I thought I would share my tips about working hard to achieve your goals whether that be a job,a new career,college,school anything that you're passionate about.

1.Believe in yourself if you believe you can then you're half way there.

2.Don't EVER give up no matter what anyone tells you just keep going working hard.

3.Keep going you will get there.

4.If you're job hunting look everyday and apply for what you can but try not to be disappointed if you don't hear back or if it's a no just say it's their loss and move on!.

5.If you're studying try your best and study as much as possible you can achieve anything!.

6.Take all the advice you can get from family,friends,school teachers,college tutors they're all there to help so take it..

7.If you show passion for something it really pays off.

8.You CAN do anything if you put your time and effort into it.

9.Don't stop trying until you reach your goal.

10.If you are having a down day or an off day then run a nice bath,get some chocolate and watch your fave TV show or YouTubers. You'll soon feel better again.

Thanks for reading.

NEW Lush Purchases

I recently went to lush at Westfield Stratford in London and also the Colchester store I didn't mean to get so much but there's so many things I wanted. I really couldn't resit but I probably won't go for a while now so it's all good so I thought I'd do a different post instead of reviews and just run through what I got.

Snow Fairy Shower Gel-THE BEST EVER! I absolutely love this I'm a huge fan of sweet things so this is right up my street. I got 100g for £3.95 I know it's a lot but it does last for ages.

Snow Fairy Body Conditioner- I saw this in a YouTuber's video and just had to have it even with the very high price tag of £7.95 :O for 100g. I really wanted to try something new so I treated myself to this again it's the same scent as the shower gel but in a conditioner form I just can't wait to use it. I will make this last because it was the most expensive item I got oops.

Rose Jam Shower Gel- Ah this is also one of my other go to shower gels it smells amazing and I always have to get it when comes out for Christmas. This one isn't as sweet as snow fairy if you're not a sweet fan but it smells of Turkish roses absolute which is to die for!.This cost £4.95 for 100g.

Candy Mountain Bubblebar- It's pink and a mountain and smells of candyfloss need I say more. It cost £2.95.

Shoot To The Stars Bathbomb- I've had this one before but they've changed how it looks which I like and I liked how it was before too. I love the blue and the gold stars stuck into it and it cost £4.25.

Autumn Leaf Bathbomb- I love this one because it's a leaf and I love autumn so it's perfect for this time of year.

Northern Lights Bathbomb- I like the purple and the blue and orange at each end make it stand out. I'm excited to use this one it looks so good!.

Luxury Lush Pud Bathbomb- It's a Christmas pudding! haha well sort of I just love the colours and it smells so good I get this one every year from the Christmas collection.

 Thanks for reading.

Monday, 10 October 2016

Fragile X Awareness Day 10 Important Facts

I got asked to write a post for Fragile X awareness day which is today Monday 10th October 2016 I am keen to make more people aware of what the condition is and to also understand it better.

1.Fragile x is a learning disability.

2.It's found in 4,000 males and about one in every 8,000 females.

3.Fragile x is an inherited condition.

4.Fragile x affects everyone differently.

5.Symptoms are often milder in females than in males.

6.1 in 250 females and 1 in 600 males are carriers of the fragile X permutation.

7.Avoiding eye contact.

8.Anxiety in social situations.

9.Fragile X is the most common known inherited cause of learning disabilities.

10. Fragile X is an inherited condition characterised by a change to a gene on the X chromosome.


You can find more details here about Fragile X

And also check out my other blog posts linked down below.

Thanks for reading.

Friday, 7 October 2016

Autumn Ankle Boots

I'd never been into ankle boots until now so when I saw this pair in Tesco yes Tesco!
I just had to have them and for only £20 you can't go wrong! such a bargain if you're on a budget. Supermarkets do get some really nice things in so be sure to check them out I'm glad I got these boots because I've never owned a pair of ankle boots before and I have always thought about getting some.

Now that it's autumn I thought I should change my style a bit and be more daring with fashion by trying to wear other colours such as burgundy,browns and mustard. I love the brown leather,the gold buckle and the brown straps around the top I'm glad I got brown ones instead of black because brown is the perfect autumn colour. I love this time of year for fashion,cosy nights,movies,hot chocolate and also jumpers/hoodies my absolute go to items. I plan to wear them with jeans,skirts and dresses I recently picked up a skirt also from Tesco (funnily enough!) which will be great with these boots.

I like going to autumn walks and these boots will be great for that then I can pick up conkers! and fur cones as you do. They will also be great for shopping trips,days out and smart events as well as casual ones. I got mine in a size 5 and to be honest they are hard to get on but I think they will loosen over time I don't think buying a bigger size will help.

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 5 October 2016

I Was Unsuccessful AGAIN

Well here I am again writing a post I thought would be a happy one but unfortunately I am because I just got a email with an attached letter about my interview at Baldwins which is opening in Halstead soon.The simple answer is I was unsuccessful something I am kinda used to getting but I had hope for this one maybe too much but it would have been ideal and I bet they've taken on someone who is miles and miles away. It is really disheartening being unsuccessful because all I want is a job and a chance but now I am starting to wonder if I should change my career choice and do something else not retail/shop related because everyone wants to do that.

It's nearly another year and I can't go on like this it's ridiculous and I say it every year this will be the one I get a job but it never happens. I try my best but I'm not having any luck so I think I should maybe do something else. It's nearly a year since I had my Xmas job at M&S A YEAR?!? how quick has that gone something needs to be done soon because things aren't going to change anytime soon. I'm not quite sure what to do but I'm going to try and make a list and see where it takes me if anyone's got any suggestions please leave them in the comments.

Sorry this post isn't a happy one but
      Thanks for reading.

Monday, 3 October 2016

50 Ways To Fill Yourtime

1.Start a blog.

2.Go for a walk,run,jog any form of exercise.

3.Write a story/poem.

4.Give yourself a makeover.

5.Pamper yourself.

6.Tidy your room organise your wardrobe and take unwanted things to charity.

7.Sort out your makeup.

8.Bake a cake or cookies.

9.Watch a whole TV series.

10.Go round all the charity shops near you,you never know what you might find!.

11.Write stories/poems.

12. Go see a friend you haven't seen in ages.

13.Paint your nails.

14.Get off social media.

15.Try on all your clothes and experiment with fashion.

16.Take photos.

17.Re-arrange your room.

18.Spend time with your family.

19. Take your dog out (if you have one)

20.Spend time with your cat/dog.

21.Make a playlist of your favourite old school/cheesy songs and dance around!.

22.Call someone you haven't spoken to in a while.

23.Write a letter.

24.Download some new apps for your phone.


26.Be creative.

27.Make a mood/pin board of quotes,pictures etc.

28.Clean your makeup brushes.

29.Make a recipe book.

30.Volunteer in a charity shop not only will you meet people,you'll find bargains too!.

31.Do a good deed for someone.

32.Watch a new TV series.

33.Watch a film you've not seen in ages.

34.Do some cooking.

35.Visit your grandparents.

36.Make something such as bath bombs or bath salts.

37.Join a club such as dance,singing,art.

38.Watch YouTube.

39.Learn a new language.

40.Listen to a new music artist.

41.Follow positive/inspirational instagram/twitter accounts.

42.Plan a trip.

43.Start a diary

44.Try a different make up look.

45.Wear something you wouldn't normally wear.

46. Unfollow twitter/instagram accounts.

47.Do something out of your comfort zone.

48.Get off social media.

49.Make pinterest boards

50.Change your bedding.

Thanks for reading.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Happy October!

I know I'm a bit late writing this but I thought I would anyway  I really can't believe it's October already! where did September go? or where is this year going?!?. I still haven't got a bloody job and it's nearly a year since I started at M&S for Christmas how quick has that gone?!?. I really hope this is the month I get a job I really do I am keeping everything crossed.

I have had an okay September I got some interviews but I either didn't hear back or it was a no but I always say it's their loss and most are advertising again so they clearly took on a wrongun!. I just hope October is much better and things start looking up for me. I just want something good to happen and to able to do more things I am happy which is something and I haven't got anything to complain about.
Thanks for reading my little October post.
I will be back with an update soon a positive one I hope!.