Time For A Change

Well here we are writing post about change as everyone knows it's been a real struggle finding a job and now after so many rejections I'm starting to wonder if I should have a career change and do something completely different.There are so many shop jobs out there but there's also many people going for the same jobs so it's very hard. I mostly look on indeed or the freeport website which always has jobs but I rarely get an interview there also the hours are stupid. After looking for so long,volunteering for 5 years and 2 xmas jobs it's really time for a change and to start looking for something else. Maybe I don't really have enough skills? but then again someone who does or is overqualified is still not in a job.

I have skills and experience in retail and shops but maybe because everyone else is applying for them I don't stand much of a chance if you really think about it they get loads of applications and others have more skills and experience so they get the job.I apply for loads of jobs but either get no reply,an interview but no job with every reject email (mostly) or very rare phone call it's pretty disheartening when you have hope.I think sending an email is unprofessional I think a phone call is more polite and professional but there's not much you can do.

I don't really know what my ideal career is but I like blogging,writing about things,using the computer,being creative and learning new things. I really do wish it was easy to get a job but it hasn't been and I honestly don't want to be on benefits forever I've been on them since 2008 I think which is absolute shit.While I have Fragile X a learning disability I won't let it stop me from doing things I want to do or stop me from getting my dream job which I'm yet to discover.I think I'm going to start applying for any jobs now well within reason but something like admin or office or digital marketing I know I don't have experience in them but I am willing learn and just see what happens I will still apply for shop jobs but hopefully in the meantime I'll find the career I want to do.

Thanks for reading.