Thursday, 22 September 2016

Reasons To Love Autumn

Fluffy socks I own so many pairs #noshame

Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

Endless episodes of TV series such as the Big Bang Theory,Charmed or Sabrina The Teenage Witch a few of my faves.

Cosy oversized jumpers/hoodies.

Dark nails in plum,dark green,browns,greys or cherry.

Dark makeup berry lipsticks and purple, brown and dark orange.

Duvet and movie days/nights.

Baking sessions such as ginger bread or cupcakes.

Go for long walks.

Comfort food.

Homemade soup such as butternut squash,leek and potato,roasted red pepper and tomato.

Cosy blankets.

Hanging out with your cat #crazycatlady

No more shaving your legs! bring on the tights.

Nice long bubble baths with a Lush product.

Dig out all your autumn clothes and boots.

Lush Halloween range.

Ankle boots.

Cute skirts/dresses and tights.

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