There comes a point in your life when you feel like giving up because nothing is happening that's me right now. As a lot of people know I am unemployed and it's been a long struggle to find a job all I keep getting is rejections and I'm not sure why? where am I going wrong? what the hell do companies want these days??? blood???. Am also so sick of everyone saying the same thing don't give up a,job will come along yada yada yada that's all well and good if you already have a job but it's getting to the point of is this how my life is going to be?

Another thing is these companies will be advertising again soon that's what really annoys me because they clearly took on a wrong un when they could've taken on me but no I'm clearly not good enough. Freeport are ALWAYS advertising jobs and I can't even get on there! I mean come on what is this?. I really do try my best and apply for as many jobs as possible but I just have no luck and I don't understand why? my CV is up to date,I have skills and experience what more do you want?.Every job rejection really isn't nice at all when you have hope which I do and it's so frustrating when no one will employ me and I just don't know why.Sometimes it helps to write things down but I just want to post good news not bad news all the time I hate it.

I'm starting to get more and more bored now finding things to do with my time is hard I have too much of it to fill but I just don't know what to do. It's so frustrating when I just want a job but I'm really starting to lose hope because all I get is rejections and it's coming up to nearly another year and that's quite scary :(. I feel like I'm so behind from everyone and my life is just at a stand still nothing is happening and I can't keep going on like this year after year. Things weren't meant to be this way I was mean to do volunteering for a few months and get a job but 5 years later I'm still there and in the same place.I'm so fed up with everything now and I wish something good would happen to me for once and not get all bad news I just want some luck.

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